Our traditions, the culture, believes, the people are the symbol that define a country. For Puerto Rico these are some.

This post was inspired by Photo Challenge: Symbol

Happy writings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, a color I’m familiar with

Is my daughter’s favorite color. It always sorrounds her, henceforth it sorrounds me.  The walls of her room are painted in purple.

A color that has been present in those that have been in my life: a friend, a cousin, the lovely orchid blooming in my grandmother’s garden. It remind me of lent, of advent. The color of preference of royalty. A regal color, one of grandeur.

You learn from childhood it is the mix of two, red and blue, so you go on an experiment to marvel in surprise as the purple tones appear slowly as the two mix.

It painted the lips and nails of my grandmother, making a beautiful contrast with her chocolate skin. Una trigueña bella ella era.  

But, it has never been my choice of color.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For life is better together with those you love and love you back… Enjoy life and be inspired.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Charles Dickens said “There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”

This is what I found on Wikipedia about Contrast in literature, by the way very interesting:

In literature, an author writes contrast when he or she describes the difference(s) between two or more entities.

Contrast is the antonym of simile. In poetic compositions, it is common for poets to set out an elaborate contrast or elaborate simile as the argument. In Renaissance poetry, and particularly in sonnets, the contrast was similarly used as a poetic argument. In such verse, the entire poem argues that two seemingly alike or identical items are, in fact, quite separate and paradoxically different. These may take the form of ‘my love is unlike all other women’ or ‘I am unlike her other loves.’

If you are interested in using, or practicing, contrast in your poetry, you might like to read this article “Contrast as a Method of Developing Poetry”. At the end of it you will find an exercise. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.  ~Percy Shelley, A Defense of Poetry, 1821 from the Quote Garden

And in nature we find these beautiful distortions that serve as inspiration to those who conjure words.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

In a life that reality and imagination collide constantly on the decisions between broom or pen, laundry or revision, housecleaning or story research, kids homework or plots… To indulge is a delightful gift, is to yield to the wishes of my inner desires as a mother, wife, friend, writer (in no particular order).

  When done, I yield, in an excessive degree, to the gratification of the pleasures of a double life: me and my writer self.

To yield to… To Indulge in the simplest moments in a life for which I’m thankful for.