Thresholds to new beginnings,
to an end, to the unexpected.
Structures stating the limits.
Architectural moving compositions.
Square, round, top arched.
Red, blue, black…
Wooden, Metal, Crystal…
Hybrids like our hearts.
Our entrances, our exits.

This post was inspired by The Photo Challenge by The Daily Post: Door.

Happy writings!

A.R. Román

Virginia Woolf and the work of a writter

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

“Cada secreto del alma de un escritor, cada experiencia de su vida, cada cualidad de su mente, está escrita en grande en su trabajo.”

Virginia Woolf

¿Tienes algún secreto que contar, una experiencia que debe ser leída? Toma tus armas y escribe. Liberate de tu carga y compartela.

Do you have a secret to tell, an experience that must be read? Take upon weapons and write. Relieve yourself of the burden and share it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For life is better together with those you love and love you back… Enjoy life and be inspired.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Charles Dickens said “There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”

This is what I found on Wikipedia about Contrast in literature, by the way very interesting:

In literature, an author writes contrast when he or she describes the difference(s) between two or more entities.

Contrast is the antonym of simile. In poetic compositions, it is common for poets to set out an elaborate contrast or elaborate simile as the argument. In Renaissance poetry, and particularly in sonnets, the contrast was similarly used as a poetic argument. In such verse, the entire poem argues that two seemingly alike or identical items are, in fact, quite separate and paradoxically different. These may take the form of ‘my love is unlike all other women’ or ‘I am unlike her other loves.’

If you are interested in using, or practicing, contrast in your poetry, you might like to read this article “Contrast as a Method of Developing Poetry”. At the end of it you will find an exercise. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

In a life that reality and imagination collide constantly on the decisions between broom or pen, laundry or revision, housecleaning or story research, kids homework or plots… To indulge is a delightful gift, is to yield to the wishes of my inner desires as a mother, wife, friend, writer (in no particular order).

  When done, I yield, in an excessive degree, to the gratification of the pleasures of a double life: me and my writer self.

To yield to… To Indulge in the simplest moments in a life for which I’m thankful for.


Exercise the Senses: Hearing Part II

“Music cleans the soul from the dust of our daily life”

Berthold Auerbach

“A painter paints his pictures on a canvas. But a musician paints his own in silence. “-Leopold Stokowski

“Music is the poetry of the air”-Richter

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”-Ludwig van Beethoven

There is no doubt, because as a common knowledge music has transcend time. It is known that music is healing and brings serenity and inspiration. Of course,  creative beings take advantage of it! We take it, because it gives us a lot. When I say a lot I talk about feelings, moments, situations, letters. If you do not understand just go the movies, all are complemented with music for it is an essential part of the plot that looks and lives in a movie. I have often noticed it complements and enriches my writing. Stimulates our senses and feelings, that is why we desire to have it and possess it.

Here are some places in the internet with music online, give it a try like the exercise last Monday and write everything that comes to you while listening to the music.

  • Taizé, to meditate (mp3 format).
  • Online Music, here of all kinds, have to choose from.


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You must stay drunk…

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.  ~Ray Bradbury” (quote from Quote Garden). A few days back a good friend, whom I respect and sharish her opinion, wrote to me to not forget to come back to reality know and then. As a fiction writer my head is always returning to that place I’m creating, to the characters that need more, to the dialogue in need of feelings that will take the reader into a journey that will capture them, make them hate or love a character.

As I write my new book of fiction and fantasy I find myself in and out of reality, most of the time I return to my mortality because of the need of others. In this case of my three year old with whom my writing does not compete, it comes second to him and to my daughter and my husband. They come first and for them I rejoin humanity in this world of reality that does not destroy me for I am being sorrounded by love even thou words that have to be written are transcribed in my mind.

I think I’m declaring here and now that I, as Ray Bradbury said, am drunk with writing. My mind always finds itself seeking constantly the perfect settings, the action in reality that will come to be written for a character. Reality is but the setting I go trhough in order to gain knowledge that can be turn into fiction or fantasy. I did not realize that until I read the quote on friday morning! It is in this truth that I find peace thinking of the feelings that arise from me everytime I day dream and I wonder off silently. Is serenety like that one gain from a prayer, what it feels like when I’m drunk with writing. Is who I am, I will not change it for the world!


Off to a writing adventure / En una aventura literaria

Abajo podrás encontrar la versión en español

Salutations my fellow readers,

Wanting to take a minute to express my gratitude to you for your support, comments, follow and reads. Mink would not have been more than words if not for you.

So yes, I’m off on a writing adventure! There are words that need to be written both for AR’s Mink and my fiction in progress. I’m writing my second novel and needs dedication, lots of dedication. Creating new characters, a country and language, is a loving task; but one that is meticulous.

When the muses are near one must answer the call. Flowers and more flowers may be put for the muses, my guardian angels; prayers might be spoken; maybe a serene and dim light of a tea light on a corner. I will appreciate it.

I’ll leave the words that have been written, and hope you enjoy them. This is just a farewell, not a goodbye. Let’s read each other soon. Many blessings to you, my dear reader!

En una aventura literaria

Saludos mis queridos lectores,

Deseaba tomar un minuto para expresarles mi gratitud a ustedes por su apoyo, comentarios, el seguirme y la lectura. Mink no sería más que palabras, sino fuera por ustedes.

¡Sí, me retiro a una aventura literaria! Hay palabras que necesitan ser escritas tanto para AR’s Mink y la ficción en progreso. Estoy escribiendo mi segunda novela y necesita dedicación, mucha dedicación. Crear personajes nuevos, un país, y un lenguaje, es una tarea amorosa, pero una que es meticulosa.

¡Cuando las musas están cerca uno debe contestar su llamado! Flores y muchas flores pueden ser colocadas para las musas, mis ángeles guardianes; oración puede ser hablada; quizás una serena y tenue luz de una vela en una esquina. Te lo agradeceré.

Dejo las palabras ya escritas, y espero que las disfrutes nuevamente. Esto es tan solo un hasta luego, no un adiós. Leámonos pronto. ¡Muchas bendiciones para ti, mi querido lector!


For all I know, smells have been a therapy for the body, the soul and the mind.  Never have I consider them to be something to care for until I remember a certain smell that brings me peace.  There are many I remember, but that one is unique. 

Is the smell of incense, but not any incense like the one you can purchase in a store.  No, this one I only find at church when the priest burns it and fills the atmosphere with a spiritual perfume.  Who could though that spirituality could have a smell?  I pondered upon words to capture its essence in writing and it alludes me just like it does disappearing into the air as it rises. Still I have the upper hand for I could recognize it like I did at mass.  It brought a smile to my face and gave me a sense of serenity. My soul was home!

There is another smell that gives me quite the opposite feeling.  That of a perfume!  It smells like cinnamon but yet sweet.  Glamour is the word that comes to my mind.  Gorgeous is how I feel when I put it on.  Feelings of greatness, of power and seduction…  I put it on and I know people will turn to look at me, to watch me walk away.  It takes me to another world were I’m a princess of a magical place where unicorns roam the valley and fairies live in peace in an enchanted forest untouched by man.  Where I rule always perfumed in glamour…

The smell of fresh bread in the morning brings a feeling of warmth. It is in the air everywhere and everyone gets infected by that warmth and wants to give love and more kindness to one another in this land where everyday bread is baked every morning.  The day passes on, everybody is happy and patient and kind for love is in the air in the essence of baked bread.  

Her hair has a certain perfume that nobody else has.  It is hers and will stay with her for the rest of her life.  The perfume of her skin is the reason for my maternity, it symbolizes the love of a mother and her daughter.    Peace is the name, maybe love, or just simplicity of a body to be recognized for its uniqueness.

This is part of the excersise (sorry they are in Spanish) of the section “El rincón de mi musa” for “Oasis” for the part “Olfato” (sense of smell). Enjoy!

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