Espacio abierto, entrega de la consigna de escritura

Una reciente visita a los terrenos cercanos al Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, sirvió de inspiración para la consigna del miércoles pasado. Fue un día de diversión, de amigos y de sol. Aún llevo en la piel la marca rosada de ese día. Aquí les dejo lo escrito, que lo disfruten ;). Gracias por visitar.

Se ensanchaba la tierra forrada de grama torturada por el candente sol y las pisadas humanas, sino fuese por el antiguo fuerte y sus extremidades robustas, se desparramaría sobre el líquido turquesa y salado que le rodea y sirve de plataforma naval. En el maremoto acústico navegaban el resultado jovial de cientos de cuerdas vocales. Se inhala alegría infantil y adulta, y el aire… El aire cálido sabe a sal. La cúpula celeste es revestida por una explosión colorida de chiringas que surcan con gracia y desde la planicie terrenal la mano siente la tensión que ejerce el viento y lucha contra ella.


Hasta la próxima y recuerda de la inspiración a la palabra escrita .

A. R. Román


Twisted roots for the Travel Theme Twist


Near a busy street that buzz like a bee, there’s a small Park that harvest a tranquil and serene forest in the town of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, called Robert Junghanns. The parking was in solitude meaning the park was ours. We were welcomed by a long set of steps that took us to the top, from where you could see the concrete paths with its bright yellow boarders stretch as far as the eye can see.

There’s the need to stop for a few seconds and inhale the breeze that caress your skin, which has been tortured by the scorching Caribbean heat, and it’s accompanied by a overwhelming peaceful feeling.

Slowly I walked the path enjoying the rustle of the leaves that made the canopy above, while my family headed on. As I stop to take some pictures my son shouts to hurry up. So I did. He knew what was at the end of the trail, we like to visit the forest, and this time he wanted to get there without the sight seeing I love to do. There is always something new in every visit you do.

There it was the biggest tree we have ever seen and Lord and Master of the forest. Stretching his branches from which new trees form from the twisted roots that fall elegantly to the ground. Years of slow growth has made him what he is know. There we stayed and played amongst it’s solid roots and swinged from others.

When all was done, the playing and my photo taking, we took the boy to strech a bit more his legs at the playground, have a snack and head home.









This post was inspired by Where’s my backpack Travel theme: Twist

el morro

Miércoles de consignas de escritura: Descripción, impresiones sensoriales

El libro Strategies for a successful writing: a rhetoric, reader, and hanbook, explica que “Las experiencias sensoriales comienzan con una observación física y mental. Si puedes reexaminar tu sujeto, hazlo. Si no, recrealo en tu mente; luego captura sus características con las palabras apropiadas. Cuando no puedas encontrar las palabras, trata la comparación. Pregúntate a qué tu sujeto (o parte de él) se puede parecer. ¿Huele cómo huevos podridos? ¿Un melón maduro? ¿A goma quemada? ¿Suena cómo un fuerte suspiro?¿Un suave movimiento? La comparación debe ser familiar y precisa. Si el lector nunca hubiera olido huevos podridos, el punto está perdido” (p.70).

Un ejemplo de esto es el siguiente texto que mantengo en mi escritorio y recorté de uno de los libros escolares de mi hija:

La arena desaparecía entre mis dedos, arañándome suavemente. Olía a alga, a pescado oculto. El mar se desparramada como un cosmos azul. El susurro de las olas me tentaba. Sorbí un poco de agua: sabía a horizonte, a siglos, a la vida misma.


Desde este punto la Consigna de hoy Miércoles será en la descripción de impresiones sensoriales. El ejercicio dado en el libro nos aconseja pasar tiempo en un ambiente en específico. Concentrarnos y utilizando los sentidos, uno a uno, realizar la observación y escribir las impresiones que recivimos. Luego de observar, hacer lo mismo con los otros sentidos: oído, tacto, olfato y gusto.

De mi parte escogí el ambiente de un espacio abierto.


En la sección de Prácticas-Practice de M’ink hay otros ejercicios relacionados con ejercitar los sentidos, te invito a visitarlos. No olvides visitar la sección del capítulo de muestra de mi libro Ascensión Divina, toca aquí.

Hasta luego, y espero leer tu experiencia en los comentarios. Recuerda de la inspiración a la palabra escrita .

A.R. Román

Turn in Writing Practice #4: Opening sentences


Opening sentences or lines, were the reference for Practice Writing Wednesday Prompt #4. They’re the first thing that grabs your readers attention, they’re the doors of stories or books. In fact, with them you can introduce a character or an antagonist, set the mood of the book or story, express the point of view of a character or characters, describe the first setting or the setting, or even who the narrator is. Let’s read a few and get a sense of what they are and bring to what will be read.

The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. —Samuel Beckett, Murphy (1938)

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo. —James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)

I am a sick man . . . I am a spiteful man. —Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground (1864; trans. Michael R. Katz)

Once you read them, and if they have hooked you up, the process of reading continues, questions arise and curiosity takes charge for you will want more. They are simple things in nature, but as you can read, powerful in their simplicity that can take the shape of a very short sentence or a long one that turns into a paragraph.

For my exercise, I’ve decided a maximum of 25 words will suffice to make a statement and initiate a storyline. Here it is:

Before his infant daughter was boarded on the plane, he kissed her farewell sealing the end of their story, for his waited outside the airport.

Translated in Spanish, looks like this:

Antes que su infante hija fuera llevada al avión, le besó en despedida poniendo fin a su mutua historia, el suyo esperaba a las afueras del aeropuerto.

So, what does this opening sentence implies? What does it tell you of the character it talks about? What mood does it establish?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments and if you read Spanish don’t forget to read my sample chapter of my book Ascension Divina, click here. Until next time, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Roman


Practice Writing Wednesday #4: Opening line

Opening lines immediately grab the attention of the reader for is the first thing they read of a story. The object of this prompt is to write an opening sentence of 25 words maximum. To help I will us a photo from which to get some inspiration.

Photo taken from

Until June24, the deadline date. So remember from inspiration, to the written word.

A.R. Román

Practice Writing Wednesday#3: Three Words

Last week prompt #3 was based upon the theme of Three words: Food, Wine & Travel. This words were taken from the cover of the magazine The Writers Digest.

Focusing on a setting and the senses, I’ve written the following for the prompt.

The sun shinned upon the coastline warming the sand beneath my feet, which in turn was cooled by the the salty Caribbean waters that caressed it gently. In the crystal liquid on which the sky reflected its beautiful color, played joyfully my kids. We wanted for a long time to take a well deserved vacation and finally, we three got the chance to travel west from our country to an island that welcomed us with its breath taking beauty. The day we landed was sunny, a clear sky above, birds shirp as we arrived to the hotel. At night, we dinned fried fish with a side of salad and shrimp in garlic butter and after, an exquisite chocolate cake that made our mouths water. Throughout the feast of food, my kids smiled with excitement and I rejoiced upon looking on the happinnes of my children. When they went to bed, I serve myself a glass of red wine, went to the balcony, sat down and listened to the waves make love to the beach. The onyx sky looked regal. I raised my glass and in silent, from the depth of my soul, gave thanks for what was given and prayed for so long.

So, what are your thoughts?

Until tomorrow, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román


Practice Writing Wednesday #3: Three Words

For my essay on the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm for my class at Coursera, I’ve analyzed the number three and how it is constantly repeated in many of the tales and its importance. For this next prompt, I am working with three words to serve as inspiration for the practice. I’ve chosen them from one of the covers of the Writers Digest Magazine!

The words are Food, Wine, Travel.

from Writers Digest

Until June 16, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román

from inspiration to the written word / de la Inspiración a la Palabra escrita


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