Our traditions, the culture, believes, the people are the symbol that define a country. For Puerto Rico these are some.

This post was inspired by Photo Challenge: Symbol

Happy writings


Thresholds to new beginnings,
to an end, to the unexpected.
Structures stating the limits.
Architectural moving compositions.
Square, round, top arched.
Red, blue, black…
Wooden, Metal, Crystal…
Hybrids like our hearts.
Our entrances, our exits.

This post was inspired by The Photo Challenge by The Daily Post: Door.

Happy writings!

A.R. Román

Miércoles de consignas de escritura: Descripción, impresiones sensoriales

El libro Strategies for a successful writing: a rhetoric, reader, and hanbook, explica que “Las experiencias sensoriales comienzan con una observación física y mental. Si puedes reexaminar tu sujeto, hazlo. Si no, recrealo en tu mente; luego captura sus características con las palabras apropiadas. Cuando no puedas encontrar las palabras, trata la comparación. Pregúntate a qué tu sujeto (o parte de él) se puede parecer. ¿Huele cómo huevos podridos? ¿Un melón maduro? ¿A goma quemada? ¿Suena cómo un fuerte suspiro?¿Un suave movimiento? La comparación debe ser familiar y precisa. Si el lector nunca hubiera olido huevos podridos, el punto está perdido” (p.70).

Un ejemplo de esto es el siguiente texto que mantengo en mi escritorio y recorté de uno de los libros escolares de mi hija:

La arena desaparecía entre mis dedos, arañándome suavemente. Olía a alga, a pescado oculto. El mar se desparramada como un cosmos azul. El susurro de las olas me tentaba. Sorbí un poco de agua: sabía a horizonte, a siglos, a la vida misma.


Desde este punto la Consigna de hoy Miércoles será en la descripción de impresiones sensoriales. El ejercicio dado en el libro nos aconseja pasar tiempo en un ambiente en específico. Concentrarnos y utilizando los sentidos, uno a uno, realizar la observación y escribir las impresiones que recivimos. Luego de observar, hacer lo mismo con los otros sentidos: oído, tacto, olfato y gusto.

De mi parte escogí el ambiente de un espacio abierto.


En la sección de Prácticas-Practice de M’ink hay otros ejercicios relacionados con ejercitar los sentidos, te invito a visitarlos. No olvides visitar la sección del capítulo de muestra de mi libro Ascensión Divina, toca aquí.

Hasta luego, y espero leer tu experiencia en los comentarios. Recuerda de la inspiración a la palabra escrita .

A.R. Román

Travel theme: Yellow

Yes, Yellow. A color that reminds us of the sun, of things warm and bright, of Monet’s Sunflowers. Yellow, a bit of it makes us smile.


And in my garden, it’s just a touch in every flower to transform it into something mesmerizing.

Flowers on a vase on my dinning room
Hawaiian Orchids

An announcement of fruits to be.

A lemon developing

A decoration.


A simple pot.


From Where’s my backpack Travel Theme

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth of a Monach Butterfly

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun And find your shoulder to light on, To bring you luck, happiness and riches Today, tomorrow and beyond. ~Irish Blessing

To watch constantly and everyday the miracle of life was a family affair, and inspiring. A moment in our lives we will always remember.

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The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown 

And that my friend is GROWTH, for change makes you stronger.


Alexandra Román

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, a color I’m familiar with

Is my daughter’s favorite color. It always sorrounds her, henceforth it sorrounds me.  The walls of her room are painted in purple.

A color that has been present in those that have been in my life: a friend, a cousin, the lovely orchid blooming in my grandmother’s garden. It remind me of lent, of advent. The color of preference of royalty. A regal color, one of grandeur.

You learn from childhood it is the mix of two, red and blue, so you go on an experiment to marvel in surprise as the purple tones appear slowly as the two mix.

It painted the lips and nails of my grandmother, making a beautiful contrast with her chocolate skin. Una trigueña bella ella era.  

But, it has never been my choice of color.


The Weekly Photos Challenge inspired by my Vacation

Vacation. I have been on vacation… Yes, like the saying states: “I need a vacation from this vacation”. But, in the mist of all I have taken some nice pictures to get me inspire, to have lasting memories for my kids and many life lessons. Life is a constant educator for each of us and it has taught me a lot of myself and others who might read this or might not. Don’t worry, this is not a melancholic post, rather one to let go and share.

Sharing is what’s all about with the Weekly Photo Challenges and I’m here to share the photos from my vacation using the pasts challenges posts I’ve missed. So let’s start from the beginning…


My son and his Godmother at Wekiva Springs
My kids at Sea World


My son trying to fly like a Pterodactylus
A dolphing after his jump at Sea World


Statues of the child Jesus with his father Josehp at his carpenter workshop, taken in Virgin Mary Queen of the Universe Church
Vineyard at Winery Lakeridge
Hiking trail at Wekiva Springs


This is a photo taken by my five year old son. It is the inside of a wine bottle at the Winery Lakeridge. He took over the photographing while I was munching on some free samples. Very clever!

Weekly photo challenge: Close and Create


For the past week I’ve looked for a photo that will go well with last week challenge Close, I had no luck. This week came along with a word as a writer I’m familiar with, well lets say comfortable for create stories is what I love to do.

On the wall that my white desk rests, lays my brainstorming board and in it ideas get stock on small papers trapped in ink, in no organize fashion. All of them close together, close at hand for when needed. As my sharpie pens and pencils are close for use, like the photos of those I love and miss and inspire me. Everything close so I can create. And as always, be inspire to create.