Michael Muller “To celebrate Navidad”

“To Celebrate Navidad”

My senses enjoy every minute
sounds sights tastes and smells
of my busy home that tells
its time to celebrate Navidad.

The sound of musica latina
salsa clasica de Fania
es la favorita de mia
to celebrate Navidad.

My eyes take in the glow of the lights
scenes of Los Reyes on starry nights
setting the date within my sights
to celebrate Navidad.

The taste of sweet and foamy coquito
my favorite drink of the holiday season
gives me one more savory reason
to celebrate Navidad.

It is always a joy to smell
arroz con gandules delicioso
sopa de palmitas que sabroso
scents to celebrate Navidad.

May your Navidad be filled with love
as the snow falls soft as the call of a dove
take time out to thank God above
as you celebrate Navidad.

~Miguel Muller©


Miguel Muller is an instrumental music teacher living in Boonville, NY.  Born of a German/Irish Mother and Venezuelan Father, he enjoys both reading and writing poetry both in English and Spanish.  Last summer he hosted the first annual Poetry Night in The Adriondacks, in Old Forge, NY. As a husband and father of 3, he shares poetry with his family as often as he can.

email mmuller1@twcny.rr.com


Image that inspire

Today’s Tuesday image…
(La imagen de hoy es…)

An Image transforms to Inspiration and at the same time to the written Word.

(Una imagen se transforma en Inspiración y a su vez a la Palabra escrita.)

Version en español bajo estas palabras…

An image speaks and conveys feelings, ideas, fuels the imagination. What are those that come to you? Share them… Transfrom them into written Words that others could read and get inspire.

(Una imagen habla y transmite emociones, ideas, alimenta la imaginación. ¿Cuáles son las qué vienen a ti? Transformalas en Palabras escritas las que otros puedan leer y encontrar inspiración.)

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Words in the water

It was a rainy day again. Marble gray clouds covered my town once more after giving us a break the day before. It has rained so much that the waters of the pool spilled out of its square housing. Even though the day was meant to stay in bed, would have been great for my aching shoulder and back, but couldn’t for clothes needed to be cleaned. Not only I fought the discomfort the pain gave my body, but also the overwhelming desire for writing and the words weren’t flowing. It was then when I saw them!

Riples and words

My gaze was caught by something on the waters, floating peacefully as if waiting to be discovered. To the untrained eye would have looked as a simple piece of paper, small enough to not even care for it; but for a writer the transparent paper marked with dark black letters was evident a sign. From whom I do not know maybe the muses, angels, or perhaps causality. Some believe this last one those not exist, but the same can be said by others of the first two. Whatever it was, I found it intriguing. Any writer would have.

Words in the water

So I took my camera, for I knew that from these words in the water more would spring and the overwhelming desire would subside. Ideas would flow as rivers overflowed with water. At last peace came to an aching soul and body. Breath of fresh air could finally be inhaled to bring calm thoughts to a mind in need of fresh ideas and serenity.

I would always remember that in my time of need, I found words floating gently on the serene surface of the waters.

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