The Weekly Photos Challenge inspired by my Vacation

Vacation. I have been on vacation… Yes, like the saying states: “I need a vacation from this vacation”. But, in the mist of all I have taken some nice pictures to get me inspire, to have lasting memories for my kids and many life lessons. Life is a constant educator for each of us and it has taught me a lot of myself and others who might read this or might not. Don’t worry, this is not a melancholic post, rather one to let go and share.

Sharing is what’s all about with the Weekly Photo Challenges and I’m here to share the photos from my vacation using the pasts challenges posts I’ve missed. So let’s start from the beginning…


My son and his Godmother at Wekiva Springs

My kids at Sea World


My son trying to fly like a Pterodactylus

A dolphing after his jump at Sea World


Statues of the child Jesus with his father Josehp at his carpenter workshop, taken in Virgin Mary Queen of the Universe Church

Vineyard at Winery Lakeridge

Hiking trail at Wekiva Springs


This is a photo taken by my five year old son. It is the inside of a wine bottle at the Winery Lakeridge. He took over the photographing while I was munching on some free samples. Very clever!