The Weekly Photos Challenge inspired by my Vacation

Vacation. I have been on vacation… Yes, like the saying states: “I need a vacation from this vacation”. But, in the mist of all I have taken some nice pictures to get me inspire, to have lasting memories for my kids and many life lessons. Life is a constant educator for each of us and it has taught me a lot of myself and others who might read this or might not. Don’t worry, this is not a melancholic post, rather one to let go and share.

Sharing is what’s all about with the Weekly Photo Challenges and I’m here to share the photos from my vacation using the pasts challenges posts I’ve missed. So let’s start from the beginning…


My son and his Godmother at Wekiva Springs
My kids at Sea World


My son trying to fly like a Pterodactylus
A dolphing after his jump at Sea World


Statues of the child Jesus with his father Josehp at his carpenter workshop, taken in Virgin Mary Queen of the Universe Church
Vineyard at Winery Lakeridge
Hiking trail at Wekiva Springs


This is a photo taken by my five year old son. It is the inside of a wine bottle at the Winery Lakeridge. He took over the photographing while I was munching on some free samples. Very clever!

Looking inside my manhole

This story I wrote a few years ago for a website I still love, Soul Food Cafe. It was part of a writing excersises of discovering yourself. Enjoy it and release your fears.

What would my manhole look like? Would it be surrounded by concrete or green soft grass?  Would it be rusty, deep black or gray?  Is it small or big, round or square?  But what’s inside my manhole?  What am I hiding underneath it? 

            There are so many questions for something so simple.  The truth is that I am making all these questions in order not to look inside my manhole.  Is in front of me and I have no desire to look upon it, for I don’t wish to pull its top.  I do not want to know what monsters or strange beings will crawl out of it.  I fear a shadow is residing inside that manhole and that it will consume me if I let it out.  It should stay there!           

            But wait!  What if it just goes away?  What if this shadow, cloaked in a purple fear, leaves when I free it from the prison I have kept it all these years?  It’s a chance I have to take.  I will do it!  I will open that manhole and let it be free.  I will let it be transformed into hope.  For in the shadows of my fears my hope has become a black sad being.  Kept from the light inside a manhole I created for it.  I will let it be free so it can grow by my side.  I will let it transform me into a new person with out fears and with new hopes and let it teach me to be brave.

             I open the manhole with a little difficulty for it is a small one.  Put the iron oval top aside and waited for the shadow to come out.  It is a little afraid to come out for the rays of the sun are too bright and its eyes are accustomed to the darkness.  After a while it came out and stood in front of me looking straight to my eyes.  Its eyes were as black as the night as its hole body was.  Looking at it more closely I realize it was me. 

            We stood there in front of each other waiting for words to be spoken.  But all that came out was a tear drop from my eyes and a smile from the shadows lips.

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