Poetry Contest Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry

Poesý 20/10 is back for it’s fourth edition after an absence in 2013, with a different style. In the past three editions the poets have been invited to participate in this event and share with us their unique poetry. This year we will make an poetry contest with the theme Fantasy Poetry and open Poesý to those interested in participating in this event, which is a tribute to poetry, through this contest. It will be held at the blog of writer A.R. Román de Hernández (www.AlexandraRoman.com) from August 4-15, 2014. To know more about this event, you can visit http://www.alexandraroman.com/poesy.

Here are the rules for participating in: Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry



1. Can participate all interested, 18 years and older.

2.The works must be preceded by the following information that will be added in the event if the poetry is selected: complete name, nationality, age, a brief literary curriculum vitae, social networks like twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

3. Will accept poems in English and Spanish; if sending in only one language, we will accept only one poem; if sending in both languages, we will accept two, one in each language and can not be the same poem.

4. We will choose ten poems. The poems have to be inspired by fantasy literature.

5. Any questions or more information concerning the contest, or to send the submission(s), must be send to this email:  eventos.arsmink@gmail. Important: this email is not a regular email, was set up to receive only submissions and everything concerning this event.

6. The submissions will have a length of 10 verses as minimum and 50 as a maximum. Must be presented in Times New Roman, size12, with no formats like justified, central, italic, bold, etc. A word format will be used to verify the length of the poem.

7. The submissions not following the rules will not be tagged as Admitted to Poesý 20/10. The submissions not tagged this way or not having the format asked for, will have a one chance between the time of admissions for the event, to modify it so it could be accepted.

8. The poems, unpublished, can not be pending for another poetry contest.

9. The subject line of the email must read: Poesý 20/10 Ed 2014: Fantasy Poetry. Will not open anything with a different subject.

10. The submission and the information required, will be in the body of the email and not as an attachment. Will not accept attachments of any sort.

11. The authors will not loose their rights on their poetry.

12. The judges will be compose of members of our team and past participants of Poesý 20/10. Their judgment will be unappealable and the winners will be notified two weeks before the event.

13. The participation to the contest is the acceptance of the rules of this event.

14. The submissions can be sent from February 15- May 24, 2014 until midnight, Puerto Rico time zone. Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry, will be held form August 4 -15, 2014 and published at writer A.R. Román de Hernández’s blog (www.AlexandraRoman.com).

For more information: eventos.arsmink@gmail.


Writing Fantasy: A Short Guide To The Genre | The Creative Penn

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“By definition, fantasy is a genre that typically features the use of magic or other supernatural phenomena in the plot, setting, or theme. Magical or mythological creatures often feature,…”
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Vampire of Feelings: Epilogue

“Only when you resign carrying the heavy burden of regret is when you truly become free.”

12 years later….

A hooded figure moved through a brutal sand storm. A dark tactical suit protected him as he traversed an unseen path with a shotgun in hand. Barely visible in between the sand and wind a seal was noticeable on his right arm: ACPE – Mundo sine malum. Not far from his position a village stood overshadowed by the storm. Beside it, at a distance, a small hut danced violently against the wind. The stranger upon seeing it hurried his walking quickly approaching the hut. Crossing the curtain that barely covered the entrance he stopped before a man facing away. His unkempt hair and diluted appearance stood out from everything else. The man slowly turned to notice the stranger behind him. “John…” said the familiar, yet devastated voice. “…after all these years you came for me?” The hooded figure with a quick motion removed his protective hood. It was John, now a reconnaissance and control agent with some years on both his hair and face. His expression, once filled with excitement, was drained and empty. His eyes were cold and empty, devoid of all feeling. “You need to pay for what you have done.” informed John coldly, his face unchanged by his words.

“Even in the time that has passed…” said the man turning his reddish eyes towards John. “…I have not forgotten what I did or what I have done in this long life of mine.” John stood indifferent before the last man that witnessed his feelings. “What is the fate of your other friend? The one that opened my eyes?” the monster asked with worry, the monster’s first display of regret. “I must thank him for the sorrow that he provided me.” John remained silent and fixed on the monster. “I came to do my job monster.” said John lifting his shotgun before him. “I have been waiting all this time for you to do so.” replied the monster in a mixture of sadness and joy. The monster lifted his head and faced the shotgun ready. “It is now that I understand humanity, it is now that I understand how powerful regret can be.” Softly squeezing the trigger the shotgun fired silencing the sand storm outside for a brief second. John turned his back to the lifeless body of the monster and left the hut to be quickly engulfed by the ravaging sand storm.

Some days after…

Back at the agency, over the so familiar basement the RC director stood before seven cylindrical containers each dancing with an unknown green liquid inside. The door quickly opened and John surfaced from the darkness. He looked at the seven cylinders, with special focus on the one in the center. “If they would have listened…truly regretful.” said the RC director holding nervously a metal cup. “We have another assignment for you.” he quickly added. John looked at him without an expression, just awaiting orders. The director dropped a heavy file on the table in front of them and left. John inspected the files quickly before shifting is gaze to that special container. He approached and softly said: “Wake up.”

Vampire of Feelings: End

“If only the monster knew…”

I walked slowly through the darkened hallway. A few lights flickered illuminating the trembling gun in my hands. I had left Amy behind either unconscious or dead. It did not matter, I knew the monster was not in the basement anymore. I slowly approached the reinforced door that would lead to the main floor. Through it I could hear a muffled noise. Flashing my card over the security panel I was overwhelmed by a chorus of screams and moans. It was complete chaos, blood everywhere. I could see bodies lying on the floor motionless. Some of them had lost their human shape. It took me a while to leave the basement entrance. I was afraid of what I would find, but more than afraid I regretted everything. Meeting the monster, insulting him, every last thing that related to him, I wish I could undo it somehow.

With some bravery I ventured deeper on the main floor. The screams continued far away from my locations as I looked around, no survivors. Everybody was dead. The monster did not discriminate in anyway; he killed everyone in his path. Suddenly, I remembered that the RC department was not far from my location. If there was a safe place, it would be RC. I quickly moved through the hallways and cubicles covering my head from sight. I could track the monster as the screams moved with him; he was thorough. I arrived to the department and tried to keep away from the lobby, being such an opened and exposed area. Making a quick turn I suddenly found myself facing the business end of a shotgun. Behind it I saw a pair of solid eyes. After the shock I noticed John behinds the gun. He relaxed as he noticed me. “What the hell did you two do?” protested John demanding answers. “Where is Amy?” I looked down, his face quickly shifted. “He killed her too?” John stated with surprise. “I really did not think he would go for the directors…”

“What are we going to do?” I questioned him. “Are we escaping?” He declined with his head. “I cannot, as an RC trainee I have to stay and protect the agency.” he informed strangely solemn. “Then I am leaving through the first exit I find.” I stated quickly to be pulled by the shoulder. “You are not going anywhere, we are solving this. You know this is your fault, right?” John stated in a solid manner. It was now that I understood my full blame. I was no more afraid than I was regretful of everything. All these people, the entire agency were destroyed because of me. John stood up and quickly came down. “Oh shit!” he yelled to himself. “He is here. I wonder why we are not feeling the…” Suddenly we were hit by the wave of absolute fear. As soon as it covered me I screamed to the top of my lungs. John gave me a hopeless gaze before he fell to the floor in pain. Curled from pure fear I heard his steps approaching. This is it…this is the end. I felt his strong grasp on my shirt. Goodbye world, this is it. He pulled me towards the lobby along with John. Suddenly the wave retracted and there he stood. I had never seen his red eyes shine the way they did.

“So here you are…my friend.” the monster said politely as he helped me stand up. I fell to my knees and lifted my eyes slightly; he was completely covered in blood and a plain smile in his face. “I am free.” he uttered as he turned around to look at the destroyed lobby. The upper level windows were completely obliterated, a few bodies hanged from the broken windows painting the polished silver in red. “I have to thank you, my friend.” he continued plainly. “I am free now and the world shall feel me again. I long to have humanity experience fear once again.” My head was slowly clearing up. I saw the monster as he stood looking around as a recently loosen dog, unable to focus his attention. I must have dropped my gun when the wave hit me. “Shall we finish this?” he asked turning his red eyes to me.

“Hey, I am still here.” John coughed from a corner. “We are the ones that will finish this.” The monster scoffed turning to John. “I did like you John.” he stated smiling while lifting his right hand. John dropped suddenly to his knees hurt by an unknown force. “Your feelings are beautiful, John. You have Happiness and excitement, with a great deal of kindness. Not too much anger or sadness, but plenty of fear…oh fear.” I saw my partner as he twitched from being emptied of all possible feelings. I stood up while the monster focused his attention to John, he did not notice me. With regret and all my strength I rammed the monster against the wall. Unaffected he flickered his arm and pushed me to the other side of the lobby. “And you…” he said with a smirk in his face. “…filled with sadness and anger. What little anger John had, you supplied. No excitement or happiness, let alone kindness. You are surely the sourest meal I’ve had in a while.”

The monster lifted his hand and quickly I felt an invisible spear pierce my chest. It exploded in all directions. I felt as every emotion and feelings was being pulled out of me. I was being stripped of it all. I was not angry at myself anymore. I was not sad or afraid. Yet, regret…I had regret. As my only option I pressed my regret as hard as possible. Quickly I saw as the monster face shake in confusion. “What is this?” he asked himself unable to move his hand. “It cannot be!” His reddish eyes shifted madly trying to find a way out, but he could not move. I knew what was happening. I focused even harder on the regret I had. Regret to everything that had happened, regret of my lonely life, regret of myself. The monster face was suddenly flooded with regret. He moved his hand looking with surprise all the blood in it. He looked at John unconscious in the floor. “What have I done?” he muttered as he leaped to a higher floor vanishing in the darkness. I stood there blankly staring at John. My eyes closed slowly on their own as I felt my body hit the floor abruptly. In the silence of utter regret I heard John’s voice. “Wake up.”

Vampire of Feelings: Seventh


I was surrounded by darkness. Through its veil I could see a pair of red eyes. They were fixated at me, unmoving and ready. From the darkness I could see the figure of a man. I knew it was him…it was the monster. He was angry, like never before. His elegant posture was gone; he stood in front of me like a madman. I wondered why he did not attack. He surely was aggravated by my insult the other night, yet he remained unmoved. His fierce look was similar to a lion waiting a wrong move from its trainer. Suddenly a bright light showered the place and around the monster stood six persons. Each of various ages and gender had a recognizable expression in their faces. Anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and kindness, they were all there. I quickly noticed I was the seventh, the seventh feeling. As I noticed this the monster leaped towards me. Just at the instant he would destroy me I woke up. Dressed in sweat I looked around, I was alone in my room. I noticed the time in the clock, just a few minutes before it would announce the beginning of the day.

While driving towards the agency I was thoughtful. I felt as my insults towards the monster were necessary, but somehow inappropriate. How could I so ignorantly said what I said. I recognized it was entirely foolish from me, but I could not do anything about it. It was already done. Quickly arriving and facing the lobby I saw John waiting for me. “Hey!” he yelled waving his hands. “How was the weekend?” I looked at him serious. “I can’t ask you about your weekend?” he whined mockingly. We started walking and I had to bare whatever adventure John had over the weekend. What date he barely managed to get, yet horribly ruined. Upon arriving to Monitoring, I saw Amy, our director, waiting besides my cubicle. I quickly knew it had to do with the monster. John noticed her and with a reinforcing pat in the back vanished. “You know why I am here.” she said serious with her arms crossed. I put aside my things and turned to her. “Yes, I do.” I replied guilty. “Walk with me.” she ordered turning around.

We remained silent as we walked towards the basement. This was childish if she was going to urge me to apologize to the monster. As we were walking I could feel her annoyed breathing, she did not want to be here. I could see the reinforced door from where we were, yet Amy took another hallway; the one from the other night. Now I was confused. I would have asked, but I felt crushed by her presence. Reaching the unsuspicious door she reached for her keycard and flashed it over a corner of the wall. The wall hissed and slowly opened. Even more confused I kept looking at the door while we entered the new entrance on the wall. With a few steps we reached a dark room. The sound of bubbles pierced the darkness along with sloshing water. Suddenly the light came on. Before me were six cylinders filled with a strange green liquid. In them floated six persons with a facemask presumably providing oxygen. Each had a fixed expression: anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and kindness. I could not figure why I was in that room. Why was Amy showing me this?

“These are the Six.” she informed standing beside me. “They are tied to the monster…they are the source of his feelings.” “What do you mean?” I asked shy and curious. “Without these six people, the monster would not feel anger or sadness; he would just be a monster.” she lectured me observing the floating bodies. “These people were victims that the monster consumed entirely. It is said that each victim had that last feeling just before the monster sucked everything out.” The thought pierced my head with fear. “Do you know why I brought you here?”she asked expecting an answer from me; I had none. I looked at the hypnotic movement from the bodies in the tank trying to escape answering. “I do not want you to ruin what we have right now. We have the monster under control.” she hinted a scold.

Suddenly a loud crashed echoed through the walls. A small tremor shocked the floors and the walls. The floating bodies danced accordingly. I looked at Amy and she was terrified, she knew something I did not. She quickly ran to a wall and grabbed a gun from a cabinet. “Wait here.” she yelled as she vanished in the hallway. Waiting just a few seconds a started walking towards the hallway and saw Amy motionless holding her gun towards the other hallway. Her eyes were blank. I quickly ran to her as she started to fall. Unable to stop it, I grabbed her body from the floor; she was unresponsive. Her eyes were empty, her expression filled with pure terror. I laid her body to the side and took the gun. When I turned fear took over me. This was a nightmare coming true. The monster’s door was completely destroyed. He escaped, the monster escaped!

Vampire of Feelings: Dinner

“You better beware if the monster ever escapes.”

The agency’s lobby cleanness and luster had a way to impress me every time I arrived to work. For some reason the tall glass walls and silver details on the edges resonated to my liking. Observing the surroundings I noticed the attendant in the main desk; replaced. Like Swiss clockwork exactly two weeks had gone by after the last one was hired. Looking closely I saw John talking to her surely giving his rehearsed welcome speech. I turned smiling to John’s predictable behavior and headed to my cubicle at Monitoring.

“She is gorgeous!,” said a voice approaching behind me. Without turning I knew it was John.

“I wonder if the agency does this on purpose,” he continued. “Did she ignore you like the other hundred?,” I asked teasing. He remained silent; I am starting to believe that the agency does say something about John and his “approaches”.

When we reached our cubicles I put my bag on the floor and reached for my computer. “What is this?,” asked John curious. “Hey, you have one too,” he pointed out. Over the mess of papers was a gently placed ivory envelope with a red wax seal. Approaching it I knew what it was, I had a feeling this was going to happen. “An invitation to dinner from the monster?,” squealed John from excitement while reading the paper. I grabbed the envelope and noticed it had my name in some fancy font. Opening it I read the message:

You are cordially invited to a joyful dinner celebration.
Agency’s Basement at 8:00 pm.
Please bring formal wear.
This invitation is only extended to the receiver of this letter.

“Are you serious?” I asked out loud in both confusion and amusement.

“What should I wear?,”he questioned himself excited. What purpose could the monster have to invite us to dinner? Remembering the meeting of the directors a concern struck me; was this part of the agreement to allow every single desire from the monster? A sudden fear crawled on my back as I imagined horrible scenarios which involved blood and death. I looked as John sat in his desk gleaming his joy to everyone; I really did not understand his feelings.

After a monotonous day and the trip to and from my house I waited for John in the darkened and empty lobby. A few people walked by staring at me and my attire. I do not know if it was fear or madness wearing a tux for this dinner, but I was not going to experiment with the monster’s quirks. He was unpredictable to my standards. Some minutes went by before John showed up as excited as in the morning. “Can you believe this? A private dinner with the monster!,” he said unable to contain himself.

“Must I warn you about your emotions? Try to keep cool, remember that strong emotions work against us when he is around,” I reproached him strongly. I was too concerned with the monster’s intentions to let anything get out of control. We quickly reached the entrance to the basement and soon we were walking through it. The clanking of our shoes echoed in the walls and approaching the door I turned to notice a hallway that ended with an inconspicuous door. I do not remember noticing this hallway before, but ignoring I turned. Looking at the monster’s door I noticed the opened locks. John proceeded to knock and almost instantaneously the door moved. From it, a pale and ancient butler was standing behind it. “Welcome,” he stated plainly and waved for us to come in.

Entering the familiar main room the piano echoed like last time. Though, this time the song was a jolly one. Each note was delivered in harmony to the last and could make anyone want to dance to it. The butler waved his ghostly hands for us to follow. Crossing another hallway we were greeted by an extravagant table for ten people. “How many people are coming?,” John asked the butler. He lifted his bony hand sticking two fingers out. The butler turned and walked to the side of the table and waving again he expected for us to sit. Upon sitting he left the room. John and I were left to admire the delicacy of the table arrangement and the expensive arrangement of flowers. After a while we heard the piano suddenly stop and the approaching steps. “I am sorry for my tardiness, gentlemen,” the monster apologized while walking to the end of the table. Sitting delicately he took his dinner napkin and placed it on his lap. He shifted his reddish eyes quickly from the napkin to us. “I hope you are hungry,” he said with a friendly smile. I looked at John and saw he was controlled. My emotions were also controlled and it seemed to be working. With a snap of his fingers the ghastly butler brought a cart with expensive looking trays with all sort of foods. Placing them on the table the monster once again smiled and gestured for us to eat.

After some plates and cups of wine we were having small chat with the monster. I am unsure if it was the alcohol or the monster, but I was relaxed. We talked calmly and carelessly. “John, how did the test go?,” queried the monster casually.

“It went well, maybe in some months I will start training,” replied John pleased.

“What test are you talking about?,” I asked confused on what was going on.

“He has not told you?,” said the monster surprised. “John is applying to be a Reconnaissance and Control agent. Had too much fun the other night I guess,” continued the monster content. Why did I not know this? John had been my friend for some years now and he told the monster before me?

“I meant to tell you, yet I ran with the monster and told him first,” murmured John a bit ashamed. I had to control my feelings, any strong emotion could spiral me into chaos.

“Well, that is great! We should make a toast,” I exclaimed shrouding my own emotions. I saw the monster give me a quick and devilish smirk as I lifted my glass.

After the toast we finished our meals and stayed talking over more wine. “How old are you?,” I suddenly questioned the monster. His smile shifted to confusion and looked at me curious.

“It is not polite to ask a gentleman his age,” he replied deflecting my question. “I will say I have been here a long time,” he continued shifting his glass to the side.

“How long have you worked for the agency?,” I questioned again hinting on the word work. His smile was shutting down. John looked awkwardly at his glass, he knew what I was doing and did not approve.

“I have been here quite some time…,” the monster replied a bit insulted. “…in fact I think I am due some vacations,” he emphasized on the word vacation.

“Aren’t we a happy group?,” interrupted John awkwardly. The monster was suddenly serious and I was smirking. For a moment I was in control, even as dangerous as it was. “Do you think the agency will allow you to have vacations?,” I pushed once more.

The monster dropped his glass. The shatter echoed within the room, the monster was motionless. For the first time his red eyes portrayed confusion and anger. “I believe we should conclude this wonderful dinner,” muttered the monster while slowly standing from the table. “I will have my butler show you the way out.” He left the room in what seemed to be repressed anger. Vanishing in the hallway the butler came in and guided us to the exit. John and I stood up and left the room. Walking towards the exit I heard what punching a piano sounds like. Having the steel door close behind us John looked at me disapprovingly. “Are you crazy?,” he protested.

“This monster is the agency’s plaything. I think is right that he knows he’s just a slave.” I replied calmly. “The agency should not wield such a dangerous thing.” John calmed down and started walking through the monotonic hallway. I stood there in silent. If only I could have known the terrible mistake I made that night. If only I could have known what happened next.

Vampire of Feelings’ Alexis Ortiz Rosario, a biomedical engineer narrating fantasy stories

“A research paper and a short story are the same thing, an epic tale of how someone (or something) came to be in the dire circumstances of the world.”

Alexis Ortiz Rosario, a graduated Industrial Engineer pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, currently works on electrophysiology (or neurophysiology) with the purpose of creating mathematical models to predict reaching motion from a specific area of the brain, at the Ohio State University. For Alexis Ortiz writing has always been an escape to faraway lands and conflicting characters. As an avid movie-goer he has been thrilled with how stories develop and take you places. Most importantly writing “is mostly a relief from the technical and rigid world of engineering. It does help improve my storytelling for the technical side, even if it is not as free,” he shares with us.

A person driven by learning and knowledge, Ortiz Rosario, who is from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, and also enjoys martial arts (Shotokan currently) and astronomy, says he wants to learn everything there is. “I love to have philosophical conversations on almost any topic. Usually existential are my favorite. I like to travel to the places I write about and I am a curious person, I always like to know how things work (hence the engineering).”

As a sci-fi and fantasy writer, Alexis Ortiz doesn’t enjoy stories that narrate normal people or normal events, rather those that challenge him in a creative level like the ones as Asimov’s futuristic ideas that are concepts or ideas that will blow his mind. “I get bored if the story involves everyday events; I am just not into it, there has to be some sort of magic involved, something mysterious and unexplained.”

He share more details on his writing life with us and his take on the development on creating a story.

ARRH: Why have you decided to take on writing stories?

AOR: I have an extremely active imagination and I am always creating these fascinating stories in my head (which almost likely I am the main character). So, after so much imagining I decided to express them through a medium, that being writing. I like to go places through my writing, is just the cheap way to travel and is best when I can take my audience with me.

ARRH: Tell us about that moment when inspiration hits. What inspires you?

AOR: Inspiration usually hits when a good song plays and I am in the corner of my apartment, alone. I get easily motivated with music, be it a Beethoven sonata to a heavy metal song, basically anything that resonates to my tone in that moment. I usually put my headphones, hit play and leave earth quite easily.
ARRH: What about your writing process?

AOR: Usually I start with a concept, be it as broad as they come. Usually are philosophical concepts about the origin of something or some elaborated idea that blew my mind. After I have the concept, I figure out a setting that would resonate with the idea and after that I populate it with the characters. Everything happens quite quickly and sometimes I am not even aware that I figured out a story to write (going back to the last question, I have a big imagination).

ARRH: Do you have future writing projects?

AOR: I am currently working on a short story about the interrogation process of an alien from outer space. I plan it to be a reflection (hence the title Reflections) of humanity from an outside scope. I plan to give it some twists since is something thought clichè by many.

My other big project is editing a fantasy-fiction book I finished. The book is the story of two demon hunters in a demon ruled land where the people fight to survive. The main theme of the story is how people manage to depend on saviors and heroes, and how these heroes endure the heavy demands of the people. The plan is for the story to be a three book saga, but like they say…you got to finish the first.

I have some ideas, even to start crafting a comic book, since one of the stories I have is far too visual for letters, but these two projects right now have my priority.

A note from the writer of Vampire of Feelings that continues on Mink every Tuesdays and Thursdays: “On a last note, I wanted to thank Alexandra Román for the opportunity of being hosted in this website. It has been an honor. Please enjoy my work and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

Vampire of Feelings: Encounter

“That night they met the monster with a human disguise.

Walking down the hallway I was being debriefed on the agency’s secret weapon. Barely paying attention, I looked over the dull painted walls and the monotonic hallway while John’s words hovered over me. “Are you paying attention?” he said strongly while looking at me annoyed. “I am telling you he is a fucking monster.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused. He continued with his description of a supposed monster that was locked in the basement of the agency. Nine feet tall,  dark skinned and blood of all those foolish to approach him. Eyes scarlet red, said to be able to pierce right to your very soul. “You know I find these fairy tales stupid, right?” I replied to his horrid descriptions of the so-called monster. “Have you actually seen him?” I asked stopping suddenly.

“No, but that is what I have been told.” he replied a bit shy, yet excited. We walked for a while before we stopped in front of a heavy metal door. I glance over it and noticed it was reinforced. It had seven locks strategically placed  to improve the strength of the door.  Once I had processed everything, my mind brought a horrid image of a monster standing in the darkness looking at me. With a pat in the back, the image faded and John proceeded to open the door. “This is going to be fun!” he almost giggled as he was opening the locks. “I almost forgot, upstairs they told me to avoid strong feelings in front of him.”

Once finished, the door slowly opened and a strong smell permeated through the opening. John looked at me and smiled. The room was utter oblivion; a small bulb was shining down timid of the surrounding darkness. In the center of the room there was a man, a normal human being. His hair was as dark as the darkness around him. For a moment, while looking at him I felt surrounded, haunted by a presence that overwhelmed me. He shifted his head towards us, his eyes were indeed red and they did pierced our souls within mere seconds.

The man suddenly stood up and slowly walked towards us. The darkness of the room, seemingly afraid, shifted as the man approached us. Within a few feet of us the man stopped and with the piercing shriek of a twelve year old started crying. He threw himself unto my arms and cried without relief. While the apparent monster cried in my arms, I stood still looking as confused as the first time I kissed a girl. “Jimmy was supposed to go out with me, but that wretched horny Veronica took him away,” cried the man screaming from time to time. John, stood beside me equally amazed.

“Why?!” the man yelled once again. “Why did he do this to me?” While holding the greatly feared monster I overheard the steep sound of expensive shoes against the concrete. Unable to turn because of the crying man, I heard the voice of the director speak over my shoulder. “Congratulations on meeting the one of a kind monster,” said the Director with her usually serious, yet extremely seductive voice. “I think the girl we feed him was a bit too much.”

“Wait…” I tried to turn, but the man grabbed me and whispered while subbing don’t go Jimmy. “…do you actually feed people to him?” I asked confused.

“No,” replied the director abruptly and seemingly offended. “We feed him feelings. After all, he is a vampire of feelings!”

Vampire of Feelings, a short series by Alexis Ortiz Rosario

Starting September 18th, every Tuesday and Thursday, Mink will be featuring the short series Vampire of Feelings by Alexis Ortiz Rosario. Is a detective fiction story that revolves around a monster used by ACPE, Agency Counter Paranormal Events, to do more than spook people. Narrated from the point of view of the agent in charge of the mysterious monster, the Vampire of Feelings is both obscure and dramatic. So tune in next Tuesday for this short series that will leave you wanting more of Vampire of Feelings