The world is a stage, a poem

The world is a stage.
But I’m no actress!

I stand here in the middle of the stage
waiting for the spotlight to shine upon me.

I feel small, unworthy.
Invisible to the naked eye. 

There without light, darkness falls.
I’m standing in the middle of the stage in darkness.

Doubt caressing my skin. 
Whispering malicious words.

Fear emerging from the darkness.
I see it, I feel it.

Then I smile. Proud.
Confidence emerging from the fire within.
Darkness retreats.

The world is full of stages!
Here where I stand is mine!

Mine is like no other.

It is a book,
It’s a sentence.

My stage is a page.
A blank page and I am the pencil.

Black and white we become one.

There where the page is my stage
darkness, doubt, nor fear
can take the light away from me.

For here I rein.
This is my world.
This is my stage!

I proclaim the page my stage.
Every day and every night!
Word by word.

This poem was first published in 2005.

William Styron on a good book…

A good book should leave you… slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it.

Un buen libro debe dejarte… un poco exhausto al final. Vives varias vidas mientras lees.

William Styron in an interview 1958, Writers at Work.

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A quote from Samuel Butler

“Books want to be born: I never make them.  They come to me and insist on being written, and on being such and such.  ~Samuel Butler

Quote taken from The Quote Garden

This are the words that best explain my thoughts on writing a story or book. Samuel Butler hit the head of the nail with this one, for in the past he has read my heart, for books exist and they choose their word smith. We are just storytellers waiting for the story to choose us and whisper in our ears the story that needs to be born to reality.




Almost a month

And I’m still on the writing journey; it has been a great one trying to put together the ideas and the outline of a story that is very complicated, but exciting. At least ten chapters of this book have been put to rest and I struggle with the last ones. One by one pushing myself to the limits, trying to steal some time away from my children is been difficult and since the younger one don’t understand, I give in to his cute face while he asks me to play with him. My motherly duties have come first during this past week, and some things have taken my concentration away from writing, they take priority that I cannot overlook. I’m a mother and a writer and both lives are linked together. The hands that caress them are the ones that type the stories that flow from my imagination to my computer.

I know my goal has not been reached, but still I will keep on, never surrender and I will finish this book! It haunts me every day, the characters created for it and they have demands. Type or write, type or write is the echo I hear in my thoughts when away from my notebook or computer while doing my daily household chores. Now I understand JK Rowling when she said she did not do lots of cleaning in her house, for writing the story was in her thoughts. Hey, can hold it against me, I’m Latina and we have been raised to have a clean and organized household.

Before I go cleaning away or writing depends on who seduces me first. Know this, my goal has not been reach as I expected, but will keep you up to date on my achievements on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to read ‘Los hijos de Oshmdwa’ unfortunately I have not had time to translated to English and will truly love so. So when I can I will, and post it on Mink. Have a beautiful journey of life today, here in the Island of Enchantment the day is gorgeous and the birds sing lovely tunes. But most of all, don’t forget today and tomorrow and the day after and so on, to take a minute and pray for those who need your prayers: our friends from Japan. It only takes a minute a day for a prayer, a minute is not much, but a prayer if powerful. God Bless!