Practice Writing Wednesday #3: Three Words

For my essay on the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm for my class at Coursera, I’ve analyzed the number three and how it is constantly repeated in many of the tales and its importance. For this next prompt, I am working with three words to serve as inspiration for the practice. I’ve chosen them from one of the covers of the Writers Digest Magazine!

The words are Food, Wine, Travel.


from Writers Digest

Until June 16, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román

Practice Writing Wednesday #1

Dialogue is the way we easily communicate with one another. It comes with ease, sometimes sporadically at any given time and at random places. It is the path for human communication, a way to knowing what the other thinks. When it comes to writing dialogues in a story, whether a short one or a book, we plan it carefully for they can make the story flow or they can break it.

They could be one where the character is having a conversation with himself, with other characters, or just a silent one where words are not needed but emotional, facial or corporal expressions are.


The practice for today is about dialogues and it comes from “The Writing Room 101: Thrilling Tuesdays’- Prompt #6“:

This week the theme is based on dialogue, so each day I will post the opening line and all you need to do is continue from there. It’s a dialogue only prompt, which can be challenging, but also a lot of fun.

So, your thrilling opener for Tuesday is:

“After all this time, you still don’t get it.”


Next Tuesday (June 3), will post the result of this prompt. Have lots of ideas and need to concentrate in one and develop it.

Until next, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román