Practice Writing Wednesday #1

Dialogue is the way we easily communicate with one another. It comes with ease, sometimes sporadically at any given time and at random places. It is the path for human communication, a way to knowing what the other thinks. When it comes to writing dialogues in a story, whether a short one or a book, we plan it carefully for they can make the story flow or they can break it.

They could be one where the character is having a conversation with himself, with other characters, or just a silent one where words are not needed but emotional, facial or corporal expressions are.


The practice for today is about dialogues and it comes from “The Writing Room 101: Thrilling Tuesdays’- Prompt #6“:

This week the theme is based on dialogue, so each day I will post the opening line and all you need to do is continue from there. It’s a dialogue only prompt, which can be challenging, but also a lot of fun.

So, your thrilling opener for Tuesday is:

“After all this time, you still don’t get it.”


Next Tuesday (June 3), will post the result of this prompt. Have lots of ideas and need to concentrate in one and develop it.

Until next, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román

Traveling / De Viajes

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El reino de los inmortales

Me encuentro de viajes en Yaweka, el reino de los Kahali, la raza de inmortales y los antagonistas de la historia de fantasía Ascensión Divina. En estas últimas semanas me he dado a la tarea de darles los toques finales a la historia, añadiendo capítulos y separando el primer libroen dos partes, que en un principio iría a la par: la 1ra será la historia contada a través de los ojos de cuatro Kahali; la 2da, de los Hüaku, los protagonistas y enemigos de los Kahali.

El desarrollo de esta historia ha sido extenso y arduo. Los personajes han exigido tener un papel mas profundo y por ende los capítulos adicionales y la reorganización de la historia completa y de mi bosquejo de ideas que influye de sobremanera al segundo libro. Así es la creación de una historia, en especial de una de fantasía.

Han habido sorpresas, no lo puedo negar, personajes que antes se hacían difícil de desarrollar ahora fluyen con naturalidad. No pasa un minuto en el día que pienso en ese personaje y visualizo cómo será la conclusión de su historia para esta primera parte. Otros como la principal, Arakoel Iyeqah, ha sido un deleite crearla. De igual forma lo ha sido desarrollar el medio ambiente donde se desenvuelven estos, que para esta primera parte del primer libro, La obsesión de un inmortal, se lleva a cabo en Yaweka, el reino de los Kahali. En solo tres ocasiones, dos de los personajes, Leqar y Nariqah, los hijos de Arakoel Iyeqah, nos llevan al reino de Vergerri, un reino en las montañas, del cual he gozado de su creación geografica y cultural, y de los vergerreses que habitan y reinan este reino.

Allí estaré hasta fin de año, pero de vez en cuando pasaré por aquí para ponerles al día. Usualmente doy anuncios de mis avances con la historia a través de mi cuenta en Twitter: AlexandraRoman, como también en mi página en Facebook: Alexandra Román de Hernández . Espero escuchar de ustedes por esas avenidas sociales. Si deseas leer un pasaje de la historia puedes visitar este link: Primer pasaje de Ascensión Divina.

Un abrazo fuerte, felices lecturas y escrituras,

Alexandra Román de Hernández


El reino de los inmortalesI am traveling through Yaweka , the kingdom of the Kahali, race of immortals and antagonists in the fantasy story Divine Ascension. In recent weeks I have taken on the task of giving the final touches to the story, adding chapters and separating the first book, which was initially together, in two parts: the 1st is the story told through the eyes of four Kahali; the 2nd, the Hüaku,  enemies of the Kahali.

The development of this history has been long and arduous. The characters required to have a deeper role and therefore additional chapters had to be written and reorganization of the whole story and my outline became to be, which in turn greatly influences the outline of the second book. So it is the creation of a story, especially a fantasy one.

There have been surprises, I can not deny it, characters previously difficult to develop now flow naturally. There is not a minute in the day I think of that character and visualize how his or her story will conclude for the first part. Others like the main, Arakoel Iyeqah, has been a delight to create. Similarly, it has been when developing the environment, the setting for the story, in which  for this first part of the first book, The obsession of an immortal, takes place in Yaweka, the kingdom of Kahali. On only three occasions, two of the characters, Leqar and Nariqah, Arakoel Iyeqah’s children, lead us to Vergerri , a kingdom in the mountains, which I enjoyed its geographical and cultural creation, and of the Vergerres who reign this kingdom.

I’ll be there until the end of the year, but occasionally I’ll pass through here to update you. Usually I give hints of my progress with the story through my Twitter: AlexandraRoman, as also my page on Facebook: Alexandra Román de Hernández. Hope to hear from you on these social avenues.

A big hug and happy readings and writings to you,

Alexandra Román de Hernández

Opening line…

My cat takes her place at her new spot on the sofa- that is part of the small and informal dining table in our family room– stretches and closes her eyes. Always around me while I’m at my writing desk. My half printed manuscript lays face up right next to my computer. It is as if the words were haunting me, calling me out, telling me they need more. More, more, more… I stare at it and just whisper “I know”, but turn my sight towards the pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away. A sigh escapes my chest.


Would I find it there? I ask. I have been ignoring my manuscript for three days now.  If it had the gift of life and could speak, my first chapter could describe in crude detail the whole structure and decor of my home for it had been all over it. Or just maybe, cry out loud the torture it has endure under my pencil. Words have been written and erased, written again and again erased. A tortured piece of white paper wanting to move on. I struggle to find the perfect opening line for my story for the one I wrote is not working. Is just weak.

Openings are as difficult as a teenager, stubborn and with an attitude problem. Every writer struggles with its opening line, I say to myself. But what is the Perfect opening line for this fantasy story? Inspiration, I need inspiration from those that I admire and have gone through this.

So there I went and read and read and read all the opening lines of the books I love and look down on me waiting patently for their turn on the shelf. Inspiring, curious, perfect each and one of them. From lands of dragons of Christopher Paolini, romance by Jane Austin, the spiral hell of Dante, the journey of Eneas, a city of beasts of Isabel Allende, Kafka, Rosario Ferré, Homer, Dumas, Coelho, Tolkien, Dostoievski, García Marquez, Seneca…

Some went something like this: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (1813)”; “Midway in our life’s journey, I went astray from the straight road and woke to find myself alone in a dark wood.- Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Inferno”; “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect- Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis”; “The Alchemist picked up a book that someone in the caravan had brought. Leafing through the pages, he found a story about Narcissus -Paulo Coelho”… All of them perfect and intriguing. Mine must be the same, mine has to be an equal.

I lay on the cold hard floor and stare in awe at these pages and these lines. Minutes come and go, instrumental music fills the air and I keep staring. A word comes “Final” (end). I must start giving away her fear, her undesired end. Her fear is the key. And so it is that the fear of her end of one of my protagonists must be the opening line of this story.  A beginning of sorts.

What about yours?

From a doctor to a character developer

Once upon a time I wanted to be a doctor, a cardiologist if you want to get more specific. The path took me to get my Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences with the vision on mind of wearing one day the white coat with my name on it preceded by DR. Yep! That was the plan in my head, but life dealt me a different hand. It took me straight to motherhood; I became a housewife and not as the ones portrait in Bravo. With it came something more: WRITING. I took it on, replacing the old dream with a new. And here I am now, carrying not a stethoscope, but a pen and small book everywhere.

Sometimes I find myself scouting for characters, traits in people I meet in the supermarket or in my daughter’s school. Characters that will make a story feel more real. Being the soul of a story and one of the most important keys of a book, trying not to make a perfect not without faults character tends to be a little hard. So looking and taking notes of characteristicS, way of expressing, mannerisms, a distinct trait… helps me understand what I want of a character.

For this new book I’m writing, I’m taking from those around me. Is not so much as for the reader to feel they know that character or that it feels real, but more for me. I want to feel he or she is real, imagine his or her eyes with their pierce stare, the way they breathe when excited or mad, and their peculiar way of walking, how they toss their hair, etc. I take from those around me and make them something new for my characters after I give them a little shake; I even dare take two and combine them into one. Taking from reality is quite a challenge, for us Puerto Ricans have a way of being ourselves very different from others and I say this in a good way. If you have met a Puerto Rican before, you know what I’m talking about. We are lively, lovable, out there, don’t get into our business, love to live life to its fullest, candid spirit, family oriented people. There is more, but it will be a long list!

We have fire burning in our veins and we make awesome fiction characters, and this is what I’m taking from the people around me. A character chart helps me along the way; every time there is a new one to be introduced I take notes and then write it on the chart. Take out, make some additions, and give it some spice here and there and flaws for nobody is perfect inside or outside.

Be in the lookout for your characters, they might be sitting right now next to you. Get the yummy insights on them and don’t be shy like me, start a conversation and write down even what they are wearing. Fashion too speaks of a person and can tell you a little bit more about their character.  Enjoy the scouting!

El Manantial

             As I walked trough the endless corridors of the mine looking for a site to dig I came upon a wooden circular door.  A big round iron handle was placed in the middle of the door.  Ela, my shadowy muse, and I looked at each other in dismay.  What was a door like that doing inside a mine?  Well, I suppose that in here, a very different mine, you could find almost anything.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise to me that a round door was placed in this mine.

            “Should we open it?” –I asked Ela for she was my companion in this adventure.   

“Why not?  There’s nothing stopping us.” –she whispered, like always for that’s the way she talks.

“Yes, let’s see what lies beyond that door.”

We walked to the door, took the iron handle, holding it very tight, and pulled with all our strength.  It was a heavy door and as it gave way it made a loud noise like screws that have not been oiled for a long time.  We opened the door completely and look to see what lay inside that room.  To our amazement it was not a room but a garden, a gorgeous garden.

We went in to have a closer look and admire its beauty.

“Wow!” –I exclaimed.

Ela was speechless; she looked at the enchanted place not believing what her eyes were seeing.  I was in the same state of shock.  How would a place like this exist inside a mine?  I remember I have read of the existence of this rare gardens and worlds in the book One thousand and one nights, but I thought they were only legends. It harvested elegant green trees, flowers of all sorts of colors and shapes.  Green pastures and a lake of crystal waters.  Willows were caressing the surface of the lake with its branches that fell elegantly down to the ground.  The breeze was soothing and perfumed with all the aromas of the flowers. What caught my attention was that inside that place instead of being dark it was daylight.  There was no sun, but as you looked closer to the ceiling you could see that it was filled with clear crystals.

We walked beside the shore of the lake and inside it were fishes of all sorts of colors swimming by as we walked.  One of them was very curious and jump trying to grab our attention.  We kept walking and the fish, which was a deep red color with golden fins, kept jumping gracefully out of the water. I was having fun watching him and all of the sudden he smile at us.  I froze and immediately exclaimed to Ela pointing to the fish:

“I think he smiled at us!”

The fish with his head out of the water said:

“I smiled because she smiled.”

I looked at Ela, who had a huge smile on her face, and as I was ready to tell her something I realized the fish gave me a response!

“Do not be rude by commenting that he talks.  Just approach him and converse with the lovely fish.” –said Ela catching up with my thoughts.

She was actually right and I didn’t want to be rude.  As I was pondering on what to talk about with the fish, I sat down near the water.  Ela sat down beside me with the same smile as before.  I looked at the fish that was just emerging from the water witch I imagine he went down for a breather.  He looked at me for a while with out saying a word probably waiting for me to speak.

“This place is incredible.  What is it doing here?” –said Ela excited.

The fish that looked very happy to have a conversation said cheerfully:

“Well it is very interesting story.  Long ago the god Zeus in his battle with the Titans threw one of his most powerful bolts to the earth witch it stroked so hard to the ground that it open a crack and it gave way to a passage to this world.  Zeus, after that great battle, came down to relax and have a walk along the great garden that once lay above us. 

“He noticed the crack and making himself small enough to fit in it came down and found an enormous cave that extended for miles underground.  He felt in love with the clear crystals that are incrusted in the ceiling.  So he, there and then, open the crack to let the rays of the sun come down through the crystals so the light could shine inside this cave.”

“But what happens at night when only the moon is up and there is no sunlight to shine upon the crystals?” –I asked full of curiosity. 

The fish went down to catch his breath again and continued -“The rays of the moon shine upon the crystals and submerge us in a blue magical light.  If you stay long enough you might see it and maybe you can see the magic of this place.”

I smiled for I was not going to miss that opportunity.

“Zeus was so excited with the out come that he, almighty that he was and all, started walking back works looking at the ceiling.  The all powerful king of the Olympians Gods stumbled on a rock.  That one you see over there.”

He pointed at a big rock that was covered with bright green moss and beautiful ferns grew majestically around it.  From it crystal water flowed to the lake.

“The waters of this lake come from the water that flow from that rock.” –said he emerging once again- “You see when Zeus fell down on the rock he opened a small opening and water came out of it.  When he tried to get up he cut his hand with a crystal, nothing serious of course, he is a god after all.  He washed his hand with the water that flowed from the rock.  The combination of these magical waters, called ‘El Manantial’, and that of the blood of Zeus was what this place needed to start life.  From the drops of blood that fell in the ground emerge creatures just like yourselves.  But with dark black hair and bluish skin, for the blood of Zeus is of a bluish color.  These creatures can make things grow out of the simplest things.  They live in the farthest corner of the Manantial cave and love their privacy.  So do not disturb them.  They also pass their days playing with their magic and waiting for the return of Zeus, their father.”

“What happen to Zeus, did he die?” –asked Ela intrigued.  She was really paying very close attention to the fish.

“No!” –he exclaimed- “He is a God.  He just grew bored of this place.”

“So, who built that door?” –asked Ela.

 Emerging form the waters the fish answered –“Well the King of the Manantial people.  They don’t stay here for they do not like the door.  It reminds them that there is a strange world out there that they don’t know and might bring contamination to theirs.  That’s why the followed the river down stream, that grew from the lake, where they found another bigger one and settle there.”

He went down once again and continued when he came up –“It’s getting late and I have to go know.  It was really good talking to you.  I hope to see you tomorrow and we can talk more.”

“Of course, thank you for your help.” –said Ela.

“You welcome.” –said the fish smiling.

“Wait!  You haven’t told us your name” –I exclaimed.

“Oh! What clumsy of me.  My name is Zep.” –saying that he swam away living us alone.

There was silence as the light became dimmer.  Only the sound of flowing water from the ‘El Manantial’ echoed in the cave.  The light change rapidly to a blue dim and the crystal of the ceiling sparkled majestically.  Sparkling lights came alive when the night finally came and even the rock from the ‘Manantial’ sparkled full of magic.  Ela took out of my back pack a sleeping bag witch she told me Morpheus had given to her ‘cause he knew I will need it in case I wanted to spend a night inside the mines’.

We lay down staring at the sparkling crystals embracing the beauty of that place.

“They look like stars.” –commented Ela.

“Yes.” –I said inhaling the pure air that surrounded us.

“What are we going to do tomorrow?  Are we going to stay here or go back to the mines?”

“I do not know Ela.  What ever tomorrow brings I know it will be good and full of blessings.  Let us, for know, enjoy what we have been blessed with.”

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