Of pumpkin and NaNo Rebels

Long ago the essence of pumpkin filled the house, just like mine today. It was Abuela preparing her famous ‘tortitas de calabaza’ (pumpkin fritters). Long ago my brother and I ran towards the kitchen to grab the first batch. Yes, that was long ago when their presence was part of my life and now it is only their memories and photographs around my home.

The essence of pumpkin mixed with spices fills my house and I feel them near, I feel her by my side. Today I’ll watch my kids fight for the first of the ‘tortitas’ and smile as I remember his face smiling and making fun of me when he grabbed the first one long ago.

Tears rushed down my cheeks, but bumped into a smile, for they will be inspiration in this upcoming month. November is NaNoWriMo a challenge for writers to write their novel in a month, but since I’m already deep into mine I’m going Rebel. This rebellion was taken up by writer Emmie Mears in her blog in a post “NaNoRebels: Small Name. Big Results”. Also, there are the forums for NaNo Rebels at NaNoWriMo if you are interested in joining the rebellion.

I’m going Rebel this month with my writing; I NEED to finish “Asención Divina”. I put on my desk photos of my Abuela, my brother and, of course, my kids. I’m doing this for them, for those who are watching me from heaven and for those who fill my life with love, joy, inspiration and laughter.

I will post photos of the word counts here and on my Twitter and Facebook Group to keep you posted on my rebellion adventure. Words of encouragement are welcome!

In other news! / ¡En otras noticias!

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Hay una sección nueva dedicada a los escritores llamada ‘Tinta de Escritor’. En ella podrás leer entrevistas a escritores, y artículos hechos por ellos, de Estados Unidos, España, Puerto Rico y muchos otros países.