Twisted roots for the Travel Theme Twist


Near a busy street that buzz like a bee, there’s a small Park that harvest a tranquil and serene forest in the town of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, called Robert Junghanns. The parking was in solitude meaning the park was ours. We were welcomed by a long set of steps that took us to the top, from where you could see the concrete paths with its bright yellow boarders stretch as far as the eye can see.

There’s the need to stop for a few seconds and inhale the breeze that caress your skin, which has been tortured by the scorching Caribbean heat, and it’s accompanied by a overwhelming peaceful feeling.

Slowly I walked the path enjoying the rustle of the leaves that made the canopy above, while my family headed on. As I stop to take some pictures my son shouts to hurry up. So I did. He knew what was at the end of the trail, we like to visit the forest, and this time he wanted to get there without the sight seeing I love to do. There is always something new in every visit you do.

There it was the biggest tree we have ever seen and Lord and Master of the forest. Stretching his branches from which new trees form from the twisted roots that fall elegantly to the ground. Years of slow growth has made him what he is know. There we stayed and played amongst it’s solid roots and swinged from others.

When all was done, the playing and my photo taking, we took the boy to strech a bit more his legs at the playground, have a snack and head home.









This post was inspired by Where’s my backpack Travel theme: Twist

Tuesday prompt turn in

On Practice Writing Wednesday #1 (May 28th), we took this prompt:

The practice for today is about dialogues and it comes from “The Writing Room 101: Thrilling Tuesdays’- Prompt #6“:

This week the theme is based on dialogue, so each day I will post the opening line and all you need to do is continue from there. It’s a dialogue only prompt, which can be challenging, but also a lot of fun.

So, your thrilling opener for Tuesday is:

“After all this time, you still don’t get it.”


A dialogue is part of a scene, which has a setting and characters that make it happen. Before constructing a dialogue, which you can’t make out of the blue, one must think of all these things first to develop the dialogue and through it get to know the characters, their secrets, their intentions… It took me a while to construct, many interruptions and mommy duty, but hey, did it!

I brought back a story that was in my brain a few years ago, before embarking on The immortal obsession (La obsesion de un inmortal), but never disembark from the reality of my thoughts. This scene is called “A life for a life” and is set near a river under the light of a full moon, where our two characters meet.

-How did you find me, Duegon?- she asked surprised and nervous.

-Is not important. -He paused and came close to her. -You must go back, Frague!

Horror painted her facial expressions. -Do you know how I felt, when you, my dearest friend and confidant, agreed that I should be promised in marriage to the butcher of my brothers. I was not surprised when father announced it, who…- a tear roll down her soft chick part scale and skin.- He ordered my brothers one by one to go and fight for nothing. And now, he sends me to my death.

Frague’s eyes were lit by rage, one he had never seen before, for she was always well composed as taught. Her heart and spirit were broken. Frague’s only comfort was running away from all the hate and death that surrounded and ruled her family, her race: the fire dragons.

-No! I will no go back to die. I want to live. With my departure, they will forget about me, father will give them the power they want and claim…

-After all this time, you still don’t get it. Frague is you they want. Your brothers died to protect you, they were your champions. They claim is you, Frague. What they want is in your blood.

-I don’t understand. -Frague said perplexed. Her eyes watering once more at the realization she was not safe.

-A life for a life. -Duegon said almost in a whisper.

-I’ve heard that before.

-The code of those who die giving birth to the one to hatch under a golden moon.

-That bloodline has been dead for a thousand years. It was the cause for war.

He nodded a negative. -Your mother was of that bloodline, the one belonging to the uncursed. Your father and our family are their protectors. The other clan want you for they know that through you, they can have the one to hatch under a golden moon. What they don’t know is that she already hatched. -He looked straight to her yellow eyes.

-I hatched under the seventh crescent moon…

-So were you told, my dragoness.

-Don’t call me that! -she exclaimed in fury.

He continued. -I was there the day you hatched, so were your father and others witnesses. The hatchmark you have on your right thigh is the pledge of loyalty some of us made to you. You are marked with our blood as is tradition. The mark holds the blood of those who belong to you. Two of the the water, two of air, two of earth and two of fire.

-Now I know you are lying. The earth dragons are all dead, we killed them. Remember?

-They are the only ones left. We our yours, our lives our yours. -He paused, his eyes meeting hers in a way she has never noticed before. -I am yours, my love is yours.


Here it is. Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Roman