A place I’ll like to visit

Of all the places I would like to be, immerse myself in them, take the time to connect and feel the atmosphere, be SEDUCED… I will like to visit a place of nothingness, which holds the heart of some, is mysterious (well, at least that is what is called by some), and solitude is a companion even if you are with someone.

A desert. Why? It is a place amongst many; I have never ever desire to be in. I love the green of nature, feel the humidity on my bare feet, breath the fresh air of the forest mist, and see the silhouette of the mountain range on the horizon. Touch the roughness of the bark of a majestic tree, lay still underneath its shadowy shape.

A desert goes beyond what my heart desires, a desert bares nothing of what relaxes me and my soul and my spirit. But, why then have the desire to go to a place that might bring you distress? Ah, there is a question that many accustomed to comfort may ask, like me. For the risk of doing something I would never do, for it is in my nature to go where the comfort is and not where risks are.

Have you ever seen the dunes in photographs? The shades the shadows make on the bare sand where the rays of the sun do not reach in a place govern by it? They look as if alive, as if they’re moving. Mesmerizing is the word of the undulated shadows that resemble the movements of a dancer. The shapes of the earth.

It is said that the desert holds a raw beauty discovered by some, but at the same time it pushes you to the limits. Those limits that are conquered by those seduced and live in it. Hot by day, Cold by night. A contradiction, a state of being. Aren’t we like that? It is a place for finding one self, a place of loneliness perfect for meditation and letting go of the everyday routine that governs us. Were the sand, smooth to the touch and rough in your skin when blown by the wind, is the supreme ruler.  A desert! It is a longing that emerges now and then, when melancholic.

A day traveling its wonders by camel under the scorching sun. A night to lay on it and stare at the starry night above that serves as a canopy to a silent beauty. Yes, a place I’ll like to visit, and you?


Black Shadow, a poem

ofensa1No body, no face, nor tears;

only a distant moaning in the desert.

Muted words lost in the sandy winds.

Prison robe, eternal damnation.

Hands scratch it, no marks.

Through minuscule holes, curious

black eyes gaze upon the male scenery.

Living dead cloaked in shadow.

Thinks, believes, hopes,

                                            and dreams of a distant horizon

                                           that will deliver them to the light.