Our traditions, the culture, believes, the people are the symbol that define a country. For Puerto Rico these are some.

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Poesý 2014 presents Bernice Sosa’s for real this time

Here’s a second from Bernice, a powerful poem. image

for real this time

like keyboards replacing pens
screens replace lined canvas
now decorated in vibrant hues of positive vibes, anticipations and barriers broken
no longer smeared by random thoughts, heartbreaks and unfulfilled dreams.
the new organized chaos.
scattered visions float like unpieced puzzles
reuniting magnetically
authentic God sent reverie.
the forces have aligned,
spirit has been revived, eagerly anticipating the next trail
she’ll tag with syllabic tongue prints
agonizingly contorting minds 
making them wish they were double-jointed.
no longer suffocated by the panic
she’s modified her manipulation of thought.
they can’t get you if it really don’t faze you,
impenetrable barricade
negated conquest not no matter how hard they try.
no longer necessary to look to the sky for approval and acceptance
as it now lives in her, on her, through her.
she has been humbled, once again,
by HIS welcoming arms opened as wide as the first time she sought HIM
17 years back.
she’s reminded that HIS gift is food for the soul to be digested and absorbed
not wasting on her as it has been for way too long.
finally returning to the connection of her soul’s roots
with Zen-like serenity
naturally high
she writes sans a puff, sans a swig
soul in spread eagle vulnerable beyond cognition
never felt so good,
so powerful,
so secure.

All rights reserved by Bernice Sosa

Poesý 2014 presents Bernice Sosa’ Consejos Divinos

Photo by Sandra Guzmán

Bernice Sosa is a Nuyorican writer, educator, linguist and mother of two. She has contributed work in the past to Poesý 2010 and Poesý 2012, Pa’lante Latino and Letras II (an online literary publication at NY Hunter College’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies), and the first virtual and live stream coverage of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade 2014 .  She has also had the opportunity to share her words at the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Capicu Poetry and Cultural Showcase in Brooklyn, NY and the First Annual New York Poetry Festival (NYPF). Sosa is currently on hiatus from online publishing and is working on her first book.

Here is her poem for our Fantasy Theme, enjoy.

Consejos Divino

¿Quienes son ustedes?
Por un buen rato, han perdido la fe.
Hija de Dios,
empezaron a creer que nunca nos iba a regresar.
He tenido que luchar más fuerte por ti.

Disculpe, es que mi vida…
Pero ya el no está, y tu lista para escuchar.
Te he dado por respetar, por más que te haya costado.
Miedo, vergüenza, secretos derretidos.
La libertad cura almas heridas.

Tu equipo celestial te guarda
Sigue recibiendo nuestros besitos de mariposa:
estampas de amor lloviendo
en huellas alumbradas
colocada en tu rostro
silenciosamente, mientras suenas.
Alma consiente, alma despierta.

…gracias a todos.
Ya no te encuentres arrodillada en el suelo
en posición de vientre, gritando ” ¿Por qué “,
tras ríos de llanto
buscando relleno para tu supuesta vacío.

Ya no te encaracole
muda, con agonía.
Ni paralizada, destrozada con alma esclavizada.
Ahora alas sabio, obedientemente, esperan nuestra instrucción,
lista para navegar.

Dale y remonta el vuelo y brilla sin miedo, Mechita.

All rights reserved by Bernice Sosa

Poesý 2014 presents Rich Villar’s Headstones


A second taste on Rich Villar’s poetry: “Headstones” is an elegy for my sister and the boys and girls that my family and I found buried alongside her, too young, at a cemetery in New Jersey in 2007.


East Ridgelawn Cemetery
Passaic, New Jersey, April 2007.

Pop is reading headstones.  

Catechism rises in him
from somewhere long buried.

The litany of saints inside his cheek:

José Medina.
Jorge Antonio González. Marisol Vélez.

He stops and reads
one black slab adorned
with the Dominican flag.

Angel Luis Gutierrez.  1987-2006.

He says it out loud: nineteen.  

Something says to mark this.

His exhale is five hundred years.  

We came to mark the anniversary
of my sister’s death. Lillies, a white planter.
A tulip bulb. Ten smooth stones in a circle.
Now we stand on freshly turned earth, reciting
the names of boys and girls who should be home,

home. Right now, tasting soup,eyes closing at the sudden sun,
or remembering last night’s kissed lips,
running and not running, making a mess.

Three grandchildren make noise in the cemetery.
We leave stones to mark our presence.
A groundskeeper waits to clear them away.

All rights reserved by Rich Villar

Poesý 2014 presents Michael Muller’s In It For The Haul


A second tasting of Michael Muller’s poetry which is a plea for hope. Enjoy!

In It For The Haul

Feeling tired and
exhausted after
working along day
having taught my

It is not my students
that exhaust me
they actually inspire
my mind to come

What is most exhausting
is seeing and hearing
from the many who
think that all is

So many just let
life get the best of
them as if THEIR best
is in the long gone

So many let issues
of long past events
dwell as if 
they still have

So many let issues
linger due to
their own
so many lay guilt
of simple
blind to seeing the real
truth of others innocence
while the true problem lies
in their own
caused by self denial
of their own irrelevance!
Inspiration let me
let the toxic past
so that my future dreams will
let only treasured lights

All rights reserved by Michael Muller

Poesý 20/10 Ed. August 2014: Fantasy Poetry

It’s Poesý 20/10 season again!

Welcome back, friends, to Poesý’s August 2014 Edition. The theme for this year is Fantastic (or fantasy) Poetry and we have three great poets who took the challenge and wrote amazing poetry inspired by our Fantasy Theme. Poesý is welcoming back Michael Muller and Bernice Sosa, and new comer to our event Rich Villar. You will learn more about them during the event that starts tomorrow. On the first day, you’ll read their Fantasy poem and on the second, a free theme one.

An introduction to Fantastic Poetry is at hand, which has been part of our literature for the longest time. It is part of the genre of Speculative poetry, which “focusses on fantastic, science fictional and mythological themes. It is also known as science fiction poetry or fantastic poetry. It is distinguished from other poetic genres by being categorized by its subject matter, rather than by the poetry’s form. Suzette Haden Elgin defined the genre as about a reality that is in some way different from the existing reality (Wikipeida)”.


Here are two examples of this genre, so you can get a sense of it.

J. R. R. Tolkien is one of my favorite authors, he also was a poet and you may find some of his Fantasy Poetry in his books. This one is so beautiful and has a serene flow to it:

Journey’s End

In western lands beneath the Sun
The flowers may rise in Spring,
The trees may bud, the waters run,
The merry finches sing.
Or there maybe ’tis cloudless night,
And swaying branches bear
The Elven-stars as jewels white
Amid their branching hair.

Though here at journey’s end I lie
In darkness buried deep,
Beyond all towers strong and high,
Beyond all mountains steep,
Above all shadows rides the Sun
And Stars for ever dwell:
I will not say the Day is done,
Nor bid the Stars farewell.

– See more at:

This second one is from William Allingham and it has a Gothic style, still is considered fantastic.

The Witch-Bride

A fair witch crept to a young man’s side,
And he kiss’d her and took her for his bride.

But a Shape came in at the dead of night,
And fill’d the room with snowy light.

And he saw how in his arms there lay
A thing more frightful than mouth may say.

And he rose in haste, and follow’d the Shape
Till morning crown’d an eastern cape.

And he girded himself, and follow’d still,
When sunset sainted the western hill.

But, mocking and thwarting, clung to his side,
Weary day! – the foul Witch-Bride.

See more at

Hope you enjoy this season of Poesy 20/10 August 2014 Fantastic Poetry and don’t forget to share it with your friends and social media. Thanks for joining us! And remember from inspiration to the written word.

A. R. Román

Poetry Contest Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry

Poesý 20/10 is back for it’s fourth edition after an absence in 2013, with a different style. In the past three editions the poets have been invited to participate in this event and share with us their unique poetry. This year we will make an poetry contest with the theme Fantasy Poetry and open Poesý to those interested in participating in this event, which is a tribute to poetry, through this contest. It will be held at the blog of writer A.R. Román de Hernández ( from August 4-15, 2014. To know more about this event, you can visit

Here are the rules for participating in: Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry



1. Can participate all interested, 18 years and older.

2.The works must be preceded by the following information that will be added in the event if the poetry is selected: complete name, nationality, age, a brief literary curriculum vitae, social networks like twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

3. Will accept poems in English and Spanish; if sending in only one language, we will accept only one poem; if sending in both languages, we will accept two, one in each language and can not be the same poem.

4. We will choose ten poems. The poems have to be inspired by fantasy literature.

5. Any questions or more information concerning the contest, or to send the submission(s), must be send to this email:  eventos.arsmink@gmail. Important: this email is not a regular email, was set up to receive only submissions and everything concerning this event.

6. The submissions will have a length of 10 verses as minimum and 50 as a maximum. Must be presented in Times New Roman, size12, with no formats like justified, central, italic, bold, etc. A word format will be used to verify the length of the poem.

7. The submissions not following the rules will not be tagged as Admitted to Poesý 20/10. The submissions not tagged this way or not having the format asked for, will have a one chance between the time of admissions for the event, to modify it so it could be accepted.

8. The poems, unpublished, can not be pending for another poetry contest.

9. The subject line of the email must read: Poesý 20/10 Ed 2014: Fantasy Poetry. Will not open anything with a different subject.

10. The submission and the information required, will be in the body of the email and not as an attachment. Will not accept attachments of any sort.

11. The authors will not loose their rights on their poetry.

12. The judges will be compose of members of our team and past participants of Poesý 20/10. Their judgment will be unappealable and the winners will be notified two weeks before the event.

13. The participation to the contest is the acceptance of the rules of this event.

14. The submissions can be sent from February 15- May 24, 2014 until midnight, Puerto Rico time zone. Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry, will be held form August 4 -15, 2014 and published at writer A.R. Román de Hernández’s blog (

For more information: eventos.arsmink@gmail.

Concurso de Poesía Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Poesía Fantástica

For English click here!English version of Poetry Contest

Poesý 20/10 llega a su cuarta edición, luego de una ausencia en el 2013, con un estilo diferente. En las pasadas tres ediciones los poetas han sido invitados a participar y compartir sus poesías. Este año deseamos realizar un concurso donde el evento se centralice en la Poesía Fantástica y abrir Poesý a aquellos interesados en participar de este evento, que es un tributo a la poesía, a través del concurso. Éste se llevará a cabo en el blog de la escritora A.R. Román de Hernández ( el día 4 al 15 de agosto de 2014. Para conocer más sobre éste evento, pueden visitar las ediciones pasadas en

A continuación las bases del certamen: Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014 Poesía Fantástica



1. Podrán concursar todos los interesados, mayores de 18 años.

2. Los trabajos deberán ir precedidos de los siguientes datos que serán incluidos de ser escogidos los poemas para el evento: nombre completo, nacionalidad, edad, y un breve currículum literario, redes sociales como twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

3. Se aceptarán poemas en inglés y en español; un único poema por participante de ser en un solo idioma, dos si envía uno en español y el otro en inglés. De ser así, deben ser ambos enviados en el mismo email, en el cuerpo de éste no como un adjunto.

4. Se escogerán diez poemas. El tema del poema tendrá que ser afín a la literatura fantástica.

5. Cualquier consulta sobre el certamen o el envío del poema deberá hacerse a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico:

Importante: la cuenta de correo es para recibir las participaciones y no es un buzón de correo.

6. Los poemas tendrán una extensión  mínima de 10 versos y un máximo de 50 en su totalidad. Deberán presentarse en tipografía Time New Roman puntaje 12, sin formatos de ningún tipo (justificación, negrita, cursiva o subrayado, imágenes, etc). Para comprobar la extensión de los poemas se utilizará una plantilla de documento de Word.

7. Aquellos poemas que no cumplan con las bases no serán etiquetados como ADMITIDO A POESÝ 20/10. Los poemas no etiquetados de esta forma dispondrán de una única oportunidad, dentro del plazo de recepción, para modificar su envío y que su texto pueda entrar al concurso.

8. Las obras, inéditas, no deben estar pendientes de valoración en ningún otro concurso.

9. En el asunto deberá indicarse: “Poesý 20/10 Ed 2014: Poesía Fantástica” (no se abrirán los trabajos recibidos con otro asunto).

10. La participación y los datos exigidos, deberán ir integrados en el cuerpo del mensaje. No se admiten adjuntos de ningún tipo.

11. Los autores no pierden los derechos de autor sobre sus obras.

12. El jurado estará integrado por miembros de nuestro equipo y poetas de las pasadas ediciones. El fallo del jurado será inapelable y se dará a conocer a los ganadores a través de e-mail dos semanas antes del evento.

13. La participación en el certamen supone la total aceptación de sus bases.

14. El plazo de admisión comenzará el 15 de febrero de 2014 y finalizará el día 24 de mayo de 2014 a las 12 de la noche hora de Puerto Rico. Poesý 20/10 Ed 2014 se llevará a cabo del 4-15 de agosto de 2014 y los poemas escogidos se publicarán en el blog de la escritora A.R. Román de Hernández (

Más información: