Convocatoria de Cuento Corto por Arte Escrito Podcast

🖊Te traigo algo bien cool: una convocatoria de Cuento Corto para celebrar Arte Escrito Podcast como parte del Día Internacional del Podcast a celebrarse el 30 de septiembre. Espero te animes y participes. Los 5 cuentos cortos seleccionados, y las quizás menciones honoríficas, se leerán en el episodio #40 titulado Arte Escrito y allí estarán grabados para que los escuches cuantas veces desees. Corre la voz, comparte este post.

Toda la información está en las fotos, pero si necesitas más me puedes escribir por mensaje directo en mis redes sociales o a Recuerda que la fecha de cierre es el 22 de septiembre de 2021.

Un abrazo

A moment

She sat on a bench underneath the shade of a palm tree practicing what she wrote, I think, in a low voice. Her right hand moves while she reads as if she were narrating it to someone else. An invisible being?

The breeze plays with her hair. She fixes it only to be blown again by the warm wind.

I could stay here forever conjuring stories from everything I see, whatever caughts my attention. This is how it is supposed to be for a writer. You stop, write, see something and write again. Writing of what every thing or detail or situation you encounter at eyes view.

Yes, I could stay here for ever for I have been longging this moment for a while since the pandemic began.

But alas, my time is coming to an end. It is slowly approaching.

Would I be able to come tomorrow? And if I do, would this writing mode I am in right now will it come again?

Today is today and I will grab the moment it gave me and not think of tomorrow. Today is only starting and more writing is on the horizon.

The sun ascends, the horizontal line that marks its ascention is slowly reaching me on my bench. I feel its warmth. An announcement that soon this will end. And I am happy and contempt with what I have achieved. I am rejoiced in this moment.

The silhouette of my head has been drawn on the floor. The rays have reached me. It is time. Until, well, next time.

Wrote a story

Wrote a story.
Not a very good story.
But wrote it.
It might end up
on that digital page
never to be read
by someone else.
But the thing is,
the important thing,
I wrote.
In peace and quite.
Without any interruptions.
On a bench in my favorite place in the world.
Birds shirping all around.
A warm breeze blowing the tops of the palm trees.
A cat sleeping comfortably on a near bench.
Tourists walking in the distance mesmerized by the beauty and enchantment of this historical place.
I wrote in my phone a story that might never be read by someone else, about a yellow dress that I might never wear.
I have been struggling to write short stories for a few weeks now.
And here, where my heart belongs and my whole self, I wrote and felt liberated.

Arte Escrito Podcast: Episodio 37 ¿Tienes un Journal?

“Escribir un diario, o journal, nos da el entendimiento de quienes somos, quienes fuimos, y en quien nos hemos convertido” esto lo dijo la autora Sandra Marinella, quien escribió el libro The Story You Need To Tell: Writing To Heal From A Trauma, Illnes And Loss.

Episodio 37 ¿Tienes un Journal?
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Arte Escrito Podcast: Episodio 36 Róbate estos hábitos de Escritura

Se hace díficil poder crear un hábito de escritura entre todas nuestras responsabilidades diarias. Lo vemos como algo reservado para aquellos que tienen una vida que les permite tener ese lujo. Pero, escribir o dibujar o ser creativo no es un lujo. Es parte de quien tú eres, es tu don o talento, lo que te hace ser feliz. Para ayudarte te traigo varias rutinas de seres creativos. Toma nota e implementa lo que necesites para terminar tú proyecto y comenzar el próximo.

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