This morning I am looking for words. To tell the truth, since yesterday. This words are for today, to be use on this day. And even thou I know is just a matter of putting pen to paper and write and narrate of a simple thing, of a moment lost in time, of future plans bathed in hope. I am still looking, searching.

Has it happenned to you?

Have you felt loss in a path you carefully constructed?

Words are my significant other. Yes, they are my soulmate. And our relationship is uneasy, a rollercoaster, a train wreck, a warm summer breeze, a beautiful inspiring sight of a mountain range.

It is so much more.

An adventure.

A dissapointment.


I am looking for words. Searching. I am lost again, it is not the words, it is I. In a moment of day dreaming I have realized it. I am looking for myself. And I will find her impaled in the shape of the written words. I must write.