swept away

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

There is much to do. The “white” floor is adorned everywhere by black specks. an unknown type of dust, or something similar. A few days back the broom swept them away, the mop erased their trace. But they are back.

Black against white.

Taunting. Being there.

A reminder of what needs to be done. A responsibility. There is much to be done. Yes! So much that for just a speck of time it could be ignored.

Instead a different type of black against “white” lures me. Calls me.

They are needed. Desired. They are a responsibility to myself, one that must be consumed in a fraction of time stolen from the much things to do.

I seat down, open the book and sweep away the words erasing the thoughts of the things to do and enjoy the stolen moment from the day to day responsibilities.