Letting go over coffee

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“I feel alone,” he said, a friend of mine who’s an amazing writer and artist on a partly cloudy day. We were having coffee, getting back in touch after a long time not seeing each other. “Is the lack of support of those around me,” he added sipping his coffee.

I smile, “I understand, I know.”

“Do they support you?,” he asked.

“In their own way, and I’ve learned to accept that.”

“I feel like I need their support and their approval. They love me, I love them, I support them.”

“Let go,” I answered. His face expression changed. “It’s hard. Is a process, a slow process that requires a lot from you; but, when you manage to let go, you’re at peace. That’s where you want to be.”

As writers this happens a lot, when we find ourselves on a crossroads, passing judgment on those around us. We think that because we support them in their goals, dreams… they have to do the same. “…do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward will be great…” (Luke 6: 35).

LET GO! You don’t need their approval or support. If they decide not to share your journey, is their choice as is yours to go through that journey. Sincerely, you lose nothing, you lose it only if you care and give importance to it. For example, friends or love ones that are very close to you and don’t take the time to read your writing, or say yes and then keep telling you “I’m not yet finish, I haven’t found the time,” before even ask or think of doing so and it’s been two months since you share your work with them. It has happened to others and me and it will still happen. Think about it, their priorities, their way and view of life is very different from yours. Even your goals are different.

Is a slow process and it’ll take time for your brain to accept that truth, but is achievable. Embrace it and keep reminding yourself of your goals as a writer and as a family member.

My friend, after our talk and a walk around Old San Juan, was contempt and decided to let go. I sometimes struggle with it, for remission comes to torment the soul. I have my techniques to deal with letting go, whether be writing it on a journal or praying. The important thing is to LET GO so the writing process flows and your inner critics are silent and your relationships don’t get affected. Especially with those very close to you who are the ones that matter the most and give meaning to your life.

Be kind to yourself, dance every day, give thanks for one more day to create and write, and be tough with your writer self whenever you need to keep going. Always maintain a routine in writing and in everyday life to achieve your writing goals and those expectations you have in life.

Keep writing and thanks for reading!

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