Practice Writing Wednesday#3: Three Words

Last week prompt #3 was based upon the theme of Three words: Food, Wine & Travel. This words were taken from the cover of the magazine The Writers Digest.

Focusing on a setting and the senses, I’ve written the following for the prompt.

The sun shinned upon the coastline warming the sand beneath my feet, which in turn was cooled by the the salty Caribbean waters that caressed it gently. In the crystal liquid on which the sky reflected its beautiful color, played joyfully my kids. We wanted for a long time to take a well deserved vacation and finally, we three got the chance to travel west from our country to an island that welcomed us with its breath taking beauty. The day we landed was sunny, a clear sky above, birds shirp as we arrived to the hotel. At night, we dinned fried fish with a side of salad and shrimp in garlic butter and after, an exquisite chocolate cake that made our mouths water. Throughout the feast of food, my kids smiled with excitement and I rejoiced upon looking on the happinnes of my children. When they went to bed, I serve myself a glass of red wine, went to the balcony, sat down and listened to the waves make love to the beach. The onyx sky looked regal. I raised my glass and in silent, from the depth of my soul, gave thanks for what was given and prayed for so long.

So, what are your thoughts?

Until tomorrow, and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román

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