Blogging U 101: Unlock the mind

Blogging 101: Day one

To get started, let’s loose up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think bout what you’ll write. Just write.


Breath in, breath out. Relax and let it flow.

Pencil in hand, I draw letter by letter in carbon to construct words that form sentences and they make paragraphs that combined make up a story. Something for someone to enjoy.

Writers block is a haunting entity that possesses your state of mind. As I write this, I inhale slowly and exhale slowly, not listening to voices inside that might criticise and make me stop.

The television is on, but my thoughts are in what I am writing right this instant. My hand hurts a bit, I have been writing for a while passing the notes from my Fantasy and Science Fiction class at Coursera. When I watched the videos where the professor introduced the course, he took away all the fears I had when taking this course. It made me realized I had nothing to fear and that I had so much to gain and to learn. As a writer it was a promise of growth.

But, with a full schedule. How am I going to manage to do my list of writing prompts and class and reading books, cooking, cleaning, and making a fun summer for my kids? Easy, a step at a time, schedules, not taking during the day more than I can do.

Feeling thrust worthy of oneself, gives you some type power. It sets fears aside and makes you understand what can be accomplish with ones time as writers. I even did laundry today and mofongo for dinner (follow the link so you can know what this delicious dish is)

Breath in, breath out.

A writing summer adventure has begun. Excitement is overwhelming and looking forward to rock it, accomplish all of my goals or some, but will not fail all of them and that includes a rocking fun summer for my kids. Tomorrow will be one with lots of fun.

Until next prompt and remember from inspiration to the written word.

A.R. Román

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