Journeys end and chapter four


I came to this road yesterday, for the third time I have survived the first grade and for the second, the seventh. Counting my own experiences in these grades and having two kids in school, which obligates you to go back to school and repeat these grades all over again, we can definetly say we did it. Ahh, the feeling is so nice!

The end of each school year is a succes for them, but a triumph for parents all over the world who dedicate themselves and their time to make sure their kids stay focus and learn and have a fun time creating memories and gaining friends, while going the extra mile and hoping for a long well deserve break. Which means my daily vacation is over, mommy mode is in full force and their Summer vacation starts. That means a neccesary stop at the supermarket is needed, along with summer action planning. I live in a Caribbean Island with lots of beautiful and breath taking places they’ve never visited and summer is the perfect time to be a traveler in your own backyard.

First, a stroll through memory lane. 😉


Yes, I was really cute and still am.


In first grade I was Queen of Hearts! 🙂 Her Royal Highness was acompanied by her mother, grandmother and little bro. As the story goes I was handpicked by the principal, who was good friends with my grandma.

This Summer vacation means that my writing time will be constantly interrumpted and a new schedule must be inforced. I am not a morning person, belive me I’ve tried, and getting up before them is out of the question. They always get up first. So probably will do some night writing, lets see how that goes.



This chapter of The immortal obsession belongs to Narigua, my third POV and Iyegua’s son. Here his circunstances are introduced and a look at the past tells a hint of what he might have done to win the mark of traitor. His return surprised everyone in chapter two and in this one he is faced with a petition from his grandmother, a powerful female in their race, that will drastically change everything one more time. Wanting so desperately pardon from his mother and not wanting to hurt his grandmother, the only one who aided him in his time of need, he is left with a difficult decision.

I have a favorite quote from this chapter. The words are maternal and full of love, they are said by Imuguaru, Narigua’s grandmother and Iyegua’s mother.

She smile lovingly, taking his face in her hands kissed his forehead and said, “May my love accompany you in your solitary moments and my wisdom help you confront the hard ones.”

Overall I was satisfied with this chapter, but did minor changes and added a hint of cultural tradition. Now to move on to chapter five.

Until next, and remember from inspiration to the written word. Go and create!

A.R. Román

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