A long interview and chapter three


Usually I enjoy interviews. The flow of them, the uncertainty of the unknown questions and the wishing and praying for the right answers. They are exciting! But yesterday’s interview was not for me. My uncle received a call from his old job from which he has been retired for a year, and he asked me to take him since he can’t drive for a while. It was supposed to be a short thing that ended up being something completly diferent than expected and took two whole hours. Yes, I was there for all that time sitting near him, while three auditors asked a whole lots of questions about the work he use to do and how it worked.

The ordeal was not that insufferable for luckily I brought my headphones and chapter three of “The immortal’s obsession”. Not sure, honestly, I was going to be there long enough for me to finish editing that chapter. And finish I did!



In this chapter another POV is introduced, Lekar. A bold pretencious and strong female with dreams of grandour. Of all the characters in this story, she was a difficult one to write for her nature. A constant question was: How would she react to revelations when she has been following blindly must of her life? Lekar has an estranged relation with her father and it is evident, compared to that of brutal respect to her mother who is the leader of her race.

Lekar’s first chapter (third in the story) was focused on who she is around others and her perception of them. Much was to satisfaction, so a few fixes here and there where made. Even thou she is tough to write, she is a force to be reckon with and I love that of her.

Until next and keep inspired, for that is where creation of ideas come from.

A.R. Román

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