A detailed writing life

Back at “Live to write-Write to live“, a blog I enjoy reading, writer Lisa J. Jackson in her article “Get focused on What you (truly) want” asked an important question:
When is the last time you wrote out a detailed description of your dream writing life?”

Never would be my answer. I have imagined it, but never have put it on paper with precise details.

Lisa suggested some questions as guidelines for our own. I’ve read them and decided nothing can be lost by answering them, and maybe get a bigger picture of a life that can be accomplished by transforming it from an idea to written goals one might read now and, with it, be reminded of what I want.

So this is my view of my writing life, a peek three years from now.

What kind of project are you working on?
On the fourth (probably last) part of my Spanish fantasy story “Ascensión Divina” ( Divine Ascension). I am fixing the final details before turning it in to my editor.

Where are you writing?
On my antique desk placed in front of the window that looks upon my garden, my second office.

Where do you live?
In the same house of the past ten years. Have no desire of moving, not yet, for the kids are in good schools and, as a mother, that gives me peace of mind. And when my mother self is relaxed, the writer self can focus on writing fantasy stories. Still in the future beyond this one, I would like to live in a country house where I have my own writing room.

Are you traveling?
We are getting ready to celebrate my daughter’s fifteenth birthday in Paris in a few weeks. It has been hectic here in the household, trying to finish the book and packing. We are very excited, is a great opportunity to get inspiration from a wonderful place we have never been. Specially for my daughter who is an art student. Of course , for me too. I’ll be writing down my experience in a journal and taking lots of photos.

What time of year is it?
Is summer, a few weeks before the trip. Is very hot here in the island, but nothing a Caribbean girl like me cannot handle. A time to enjoy the pool to get refreshed in the afternoon and get out of the kitchen to cook in the BBQ. Love summer! I hardly do much writing in summer for the kids are home, but I always hide and get as much time writing as they let me have.

Are you near/with other writers?
From a life where I had no close writer friends, I have, by a lucky meeting, gain two. They came to my life where as a writer I felt my craft would never have, and not for lack of trying, those creative beings that share a similar journey in life. Unexpectedly, when we needed each other companies and points of view.

How does your day begin?
My routine has not changed. Coffee in hand, breakfast eaten, my husband at work, daughter and my little man left at school… Is only me, my writing tools, the cats and my three hours of creativity. Well, that’s a normal morning. Now that I’m giving the final touches to the story, I’ve taken time away from other things to make it to my deadline. All worth it!

How do you wrap up your day?
A normal day of writing ends with an unfinished chapter. Exactly at a moment where I can pick up the next day and continue with out a fighting, which sometimes occurs, with my characters or the choices I’ve made with that scene. At night bed awaits and a book.

So these are my answers. They are simple, they portrait a balance in my career and personal life. To have a picture of what might be, gives you something to look forward to. To reach for that you lack in life and know what you really want in your career. This futuristic picture will grow, things will be added. Still, is something to look forward to and that is a good thing.

Is your turn, try it!

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