The Queen’s ill words

The waves crashed on the rocks that encircle the small bay. The night was upon them, and so was her moment.

“Where?” She asked in a commanding voice.

His was graspy and ancient, “Write it in the sand near the water’s edge.”

She took out her sword, walked towards the edge where the water would touch the sand when the tide came and wrote: Fall from grace into the hands of your enemies, be humiliated and in darkness suffer, Melvin, Lord of the West, king of the Eaglekin.

“Done, lets go.”

“You can’t leave! You must be present when the sea swallows the words or they’ll become your curse. It’ll be an insult to the goddess and she is never mercifull.”

An inconvinent, her enemies where close and she was loosing the war. Dark magic was her only chance, one filled with danger.

Slowly the tide came closer to her words and her patience grew smaller, but she needed to wait. She thought of the humiliation she would put him throu, pull the feathers from his head one by one. A discrace for an Eaglekin. For her kin, the Graykin, would be to be pintch with a thorn of a red rose; it’s venom would run through her white blood and change its color to red and her skin would turn pinkish as that of a Humankin. A most painful humiliation, but imposible for she exterminated them all.

The sea elegantly swang back and forth as if toying with her. She watched it closely, thinking the goddess might call upon it and retreat it. There was no reason for it. The ill words would crush Melvin and she will have once more around her long grayish neck the amulet, The claw of their queen, Melvin’s dead wife, to control the Eaglekin.

The foam almost touched the words and retreated quickly. The shamman made a long sharp sound, she looked back. A lance pierced his chest, he fell on the sand. She looked at the forest behind her and saw nothing.

As she turned around to watch the words, Melvin stood in front of her, his head golden plumage sparkling under the moonlight. His deep brown eyes filled with rage, his square jaw tensed. He grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the air. As she fell, he grab her with his tallons and flew to a near rocky point where he dropped her. Inmediatly she looked for the beach where her words were written, but Melvin grab and pulled her towards his face.

In her heart she felt the touch of darkness, a whispper of her words in her ear were carried by the soft salty breeze. Melvin looked pleased, “This is your fall from grace, Your Highness, and my lover awaits you at the bottom of the sea, where you shall live in darkness for all eternity. But first, a gift from a goddess worthy of a queen.” And in his hand he held a red rose.

This story is part of a prompt from Write on Edge. Go check it out.

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