Poetry Contest Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry

Poesý 20/10 is back for it’s fourth edition after an absence in 2013, with a different style. In the past three editions the poets have been invited to participate in this event and share with us their unique poetry. This year we will make an poetry contest with the theme Fantasy Poetry and open Poesý to those interested in participating in this event, which is a tribute to poetry, through this contest. It will be held at the blog of writer A.R. Román de Hernández (www.AlexandraRoman.com) from August 4-15, 2014. To know more about this event, you can visit http://www.alexandraroman.com/poesy.

Here are the rules for participating in: Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry



1. Can participate all interested, 18 years and older.

2.The works must be preceded by the following information that will be added in the event if the poetry is selected: complete name, nationality, age, a brief literary curriculum vitae, social networks like twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

3. Will accept poems in English and Spanish; if sending in only one language, we will accept only one poem; if sending in both languages, we will accept two, one in each language and can not be the same poem.

4. We will choose ten poems. The poems have to be inspired by fantasy literature.

5. Any questions or more information concerning the contest, or to send the submission(s), must be send to this email:  eventos.arsmink@gmail. Important: this email is not a regular email, was set up to receive only submissions and everything concerning this event.

6. The submissions will have a length of 10 verses as minimum and 50 as a maximum. Must be presented in Times New Roman, size12, with no formats like justified, central, italic, bold, etc. A word format will be used to verify the length of the poem.

7. The submissions not following the rules will not be tagged as Admitted to Poesý 20/10. The submissions not tagged this way or not having the format asked for, will have a one chance between the time of admissions for the event, to modify it so it could be accepted.

8. The poems, unpublished, can not be pending for another poetry contest.

9. The subject line of the email must read: Poesý 20/10 Ed 2014: Fantasy Poetry. Will not open anything with a different subject.

10. The submission and the information required, will be in the body of the email and not as an attachment. Will not accept attachments of any sort.

11. The authors will not loose their rights on their poetry.

12. The judges will be compose of members of our team and past participants of Poesý 20/10. Their judgment will be unappealable and the winners will be notified two weeks before the event.

13. The participation to the contest is the acceptance of the rules of this event.

14. The submissions can be sent from February 15- May 24, 2014 until midnight, Puerto Rico time zone. Poesý 20/10 Ed. 2014: Fantasy Poetry, will be held form August 4 -15, 2014 and published at writer A.R. Román de Hernández’s blog (www.AlexandraRoman.com).

For more information: eventos.arsmink@gmail.


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