Vampire of Feelings: Epilogue

“Only when you resign carrying the heavy burden of regret is when you truly become free.”

12 years later….

A hooded figure moved through a brutal sand storm. A dark tactical suit protected him as he traversed an unseen path with a shotgun in hand. Barely visible in between the sand and wind a seal was noticeable on his right arm: ACPE – Mundo sine malum. Not far from his position a village stood overshadowed by the storm. Beside it, at a distance, a small hut danced violently against the wind. The stranger upon seeing it hurried his walking quickly approaching the hut. Crossing the curtain that barely covered the entrance he stopped before a man facing away. His unkempt hair and diluted appearance stood out from everything else. The man slowly turned to notice the stranger behind him. “John…” said the familiar, yet devastated voice. “…after all these years you came for me?” The hooded figure with a quick motion removed his protective hood. It was John, now a reconnaissance and control agent with some years on both his hair and face. His expression, once filled with excitement, was drained and empty. His eyes were cold and empty, devoid of all feeling. “You need to pay for what you have done.” informed John coldly, his face unchanged by his words.

“Even in the time that has passed…” said the man turning his reddish eyes towards John. “…I have not forgotten what I did or what I have done in this long life of mine.” John stood indifferent before the last man that witnessed his feelings. “What is the fate of your other friend? The one that opened my eyes?” the monster asked with worry, the monster’s first display of regret. “I must thank him for the sorrow that he provided me.” John remained silent and fixed on the monster. “I came to do my job monster.” said John lifting his shotgun before him. “I have been waiting all this time for you to do so.” replied the monster in a mixture of sadness and joy. The monster lifted his head and faced the shotgun ready. “It is now that I understand humanity, it is now that I understand how powerful regret can be.” Softly squeezing the trigger the shotgun fired silencing the sand storm outside for a brief second. John turned his back to the lifeless body of the monster and left the hut to be quickly engulfed by the ravaging sand storm.

Some days after…

Back at the agency, over the so familiar basement the RC director stood before seven cylindrical containers each dancing with an unknown green liquid inside. The door quickly opened and John surfaced from the darkness. He looked at the seven cylinders, with special focus on the one in the center. “If they would have listened…truly regretful.” said the RC director holding nervously a metal cup. “We have another assignment for you.” he quickly added. John looked at him without an expression, just awaiting orders. The director dropped a heavy file on the table in front of them and left. John inspected the files quickly before shifting is gaze to that special container. He approached and softly said: “Wake up.”


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