Vampire of Feelings: End

“If only the monster knew…”

I walked slowly through the darkened hallway. A few lights flickered illuminating the trembling gun in my hands. I had left Amy behind either unconscious or dead. It did not matter, I knew the monster was not in the basement anymore. I slowly approached the reinforced door that would lead to the main floor. Through it I could hear a muffled noise. Flashing my card over the security panel I was overwhelmed by a chorus of screams and moans. It was complete chaos, blood everywhere. I could see bodies lying on the floor motionless. Some of them had lost their human shape. It took me a while to leave the basement entrance. I was afraid of what I would find, but more than afraid I regretted everything. Meeting the monster, insulting him, every last thing that related to him, I wish I could undo it somehow.

With some bravery I ventured deeper on the main floor. The screams continued far away from my locations as I looked around, no survivors. Everybody was dead. The monster did not discriminate in anyway; he killed everyone in his path. Suddenly, I remembered that the RC department was not far from my location. If there was a safe place, it would be RC. I quickly moved through the hallways and cubicles covering my head from sight. I could track the monster as the screams moved with him; he was thorough. I arrived to the department and tried to keep away from the lobby, being such an opened and exposed area. Making a quick turn I suddenly found myself facing the business end of a shotgun. Behind it I saw a pair of solid eyes. After the shock I noticed John behinds the gun. He relaxed as he noticed me. “What the hell did you two do?” protested John demanding answers. “Where is Amy?” I looked down, his face quickly shifted. “He killed her too?” John stated with surprise. “I really did not think he would go for the directors…”

“What are we going to do?” I questioned him. “Are we escaping?” He declined with his head. “I cannot, as an RC trainee I have to stay and protect the agency.” he informed strangely solemn. “Then I am leaving through the first exit I find.” I stated quickly to be pulled by the shoulder. “You are not going anywhere, we are solving this. You know this is your fault, right?” John stated in a solid manner. It was now that I understood my full blame. I was no more afraid than I was regretful of everything. All these people, the entire agency were destroyed because of me. John stood up and quickly came down. “Oh shit!” he yelled to himself. “He is here. I wonder why we are not feeling the…” Suddenly we were hit by the wave of absolute fear. As soon as it covered me I screamed to the top of my lungs. John gave me a hopeless gaze before he fell to the floor in pain. Curled from pure fear I heard his steps approaching. This is it…this is the end. I felt his strong grasp on my shirt. Goodbye world, this is it. He pulled me towards the lobby along with John. Suddenly the wave retracted and there he stood. I had never seen his red eyes shine the way they did.

“So here you are…my friend.” the monster said politely as he helped me stand up. I fell to my knees and lifted my eyes slightly; he was completely covered in blood and a plain smile in his face. “I am free.” he uttered as he turned around to look at the destroyed lobby. The upper level windows were completely obliterated, a few bodies hanged from the broken windows painting the polished silver in red. “I have to thank you, my friend.” he continued plainly. “I am free now and the world shall feel me again. I long to have humanity experience fear once again.” My head was slowly clearing up. I saw the monster as he stood looking around as a recently loosen dog, unable to focus his attention. I must have dropped my gun when the wave hit me. “Shall we finish this?” he asked turning his red eyes to me.

“Hey, I am still here.” John coughed from a corner. “We are the ones that will finish this.” The monster scoffed turning to John. “I did like you John.” he stated smiling while lifting his right hand. John dropped suddenly to his knees hurt by an unknown force. “Your feelings are beautiful, John. You have Happiness and excitement, with a great deal of kindness. Not too much anger or sadness, but plenty of fear…oh fear.” I saw my partner as he twitched from being emptied of all possible feelings. I stood up while the monster focused his attention to John, he did not notice me. With regret and all my strength I rammed the monster against the wall. Unaffected he flickered his arm and pushed me to the other side of the lobby. “And you…” he said with a smirk in his face. “…filled with sadness and anger. What little anger John had, you supplied. No excitement or happiness, let alone kindness. You are surely the sourest meal I’ve had in a while.”

The monster lifted his hand and quickly I felt an invisible spear pierce my chest. It exploded in all directions. I felt as every emotion and feelings was being pulled out of me. I was being stripped of it all. I was not angry at myself anymore. I was not sad or afraid. Yet, regret…I had regret. As my only option I pressed my regret as hard as possible. Quickly I saw as the monster face shake in confusion. “What is this?” he asked himself unable to move his hand. “It cannot be!” His reddish eyes shifted madly trying to find a way out, but he could not move. I knew what was happening. I focused even harder on the regret I had. Regret to everything that had happened, regret of my lonely life, regret of myself. The monster face was suddenly flooded with regret. He moved his hand looking with surprise all the blood in it. He looked at John unconscious in the floor. “What have I done?” he muttered as he leaped to a higher floor vanishing in the darkness. I stood there blankly staring at John. My eyes closed slowly on their own as I felt my body hit the floor abruptly. In the silence of utter regret I heard John’s voice. “Wake up.”


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