Vampire of Feelings: Seventh


I was surrounded by darkness. Through its veil I could see a pair of red eyes. They were fixated at me, unmoving and ready. From the darkness I could see the figure of a man. I knew it was him…it was the monster. He was angry, like never before. His elegant posture was gone; he stood in front of me like a madman. I wondered why he did not attack. He surely was aggravated by my insult the other night, yet he remained unmoved. His fierce look was similar to a lion waiting a wrong move from its trainer. Suddenly a bright light showered the place and around the monster stood six persons. Each of various ages and gender had a recognizable expression in their faces. Anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and kindness, they were all there. I quickly noticed I was the seventh, the seventh feeling. As I noticed this the monster leaped towards me. Just at the instant he would destroy me I woke up. Dressed in sweat I looked around, I was alone in my room. I noticed the time in the clock, just a few minutes before it would announce the beginning of the day.

While driving towards the agency I was thoughtful. I felt as my insults towards the monster were necessary, but somehow inappropriate. How could I so ignorantly said what I said. I recognized it was entirely foolish from me, but I could not do anything about it. It was already done. Quickly arriving and facing the lobby I saw John waiting for me. “Hey!” he yelled waving his hands. “How was the weekend?” I looked at him serious. “I can’t ask you about your weekend?” he whined mockingly. We started walking and I had to bare whatever adventure John had over the weekend. What date he barely managed to get, yet horribly ruined. Upon arriving to Monitoring, I saw Amy, our director, waiting besides my cubicle. I quickly knew it had to do with the monster. John noticed her and with a reinforcing pat in the back vanished. “You know why I am here.” she said serious with her arms crossed. I put aside my things and turned to her. “Yes, I do.” I replied guilty. “Walk with me.” she ordered turning around.

We remained silent as we walked towards the basement. This was childish if she was going to urge me to apologize to the monster. As we were walking I could feel her annoyed breathing, she did not want to be here. I could see the reinforced door from where we were, yet Amy took another hallway; the one from the other night. Now I was confused. I would have asked, but I felt crushed by her presence. Reaching the unsuspicious door she reached for her keycard and flashed it over a corner of the wall. The wall hissed and slowly opened. Even more confused I kept looking at the door while we entered the new entrance on the wall. With a few steps we reached a dark room. The sound of bubbles pierced the darkness along with sloshing water. Suddenly the light came on. Before me were six cylinders filled with a strange green liquid. In them floated six persons with a facemask presumably providing oxygen. Each had a fixed expression: anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and kindness. I could not figure why I was in that room. Why was Amy showing me this?

“These are the Six.” she informed standing beside me. “They are tied to the monster…they are the source of his feelings.” “What do you mean?” I asked shy and curious. “Without these six people, the monster would not feel anger or sadness; he would just be a monster.” she lectured me observing the floating bodies. “These people were victims that the monster consumed entirely. It is said that each victim had that last feeling just before the monster sucked everything out.” The thought pierced my head with fear. “Do you know why I brought you here?”she asked expecting an answer from me; I had none. I looked at the hypnotic movement from the bodies in the tank trying to escape answering. “I do not want you to ruin what we have right now. We have the monster under control.” she hinted a scold.

Suddenly a loud crashed echoed through the walls. A small tremor shocked the floors and the walls. The floating bodies danced accordingly. I looked at Amy and she was terrified, she knew something I did not. She quickly ran to a wall and grabbed a gun from a cabinet. “Wait here.” she yelled as she vanished in the hallway. Waiting just a few seconds a started walking towards the hallway and saw Amy motionless holding her gun towards the other hallway. Her eyes were blank. I quickly ran to her as she started to fall. Unable to stop it, I grabbed her body from the floor; she was unresponsive. Her eyes were empty, her expression filled with pure terror. I laid her body to the side and took the gun. When I turned fear took over me. This was a nightmare coming true. The monster’s door was completely destroyed. He escaped, the monster escaped!


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