Vampire of Feelings: Leaders

“There is only one thing more horrible than the monster; human greed.”

It had been a few days after the assignment. Our lives, both John’s and mine were back to normal. We sat in our respective cubicles reading charts and looking at environmental patterns. Even though some time had gone by, the sting from the assignment lurked in the back of my head. Yet, another thought surprisingly prevailed beyond the shock; what was the agency’s plan for the monster? I could not shake the uneasiness of thinking that if the monster would attack, we would not stand a chance.

Overwhelmed by thought, I decided to take a break and take a walk around the complex. Being a monitoring employee gave me that freedom; our job relied on our clear heads and our clean eyes so these breaks were expected. Leaving the cubicle John looked at me curious and concerned. He, unlike me, was unaffected by the assignment. “Where are you going?,” he asked stopping me before I could leave.

“Just a bathroom break mother, can I go? ” I replied a bit annoyed. He nodded playing along and return to his things. Exiting the department I quickly got lost in the unchanging maze of cubicles of an unrecognized department. The silent was dizzying; only the sound of flipping pages was present. Going by one of the cubicles I saw a big worn book, probably one of the oldest books in the world. Some pages peeked out of the side trying to avidly escape. Noticing there was no one in the cubicle, I stepped in and opened the book. Dust and an aged smell burst out of it. From the first glanced it seemed to be a catalogue for monsters.

The book was written in a bizarre language probably only understood by the people from this department. Flipping through the pages I noticed some recognizable monsters: werewolves, banshees, goblins…even zombies. All the information on them was there, only unreachable to me. With a random flip of pages I stood in shock…it was him. An exact portrait of the monster was sketched in the book; his red eyes could be felt from the black and white ink. I tried hard to look at the symbols that described him, but as hard as I tried I could not get anything out of it. Passing to the next page a strange image was portrayed. The monster was surrounded by seven figures each with a distinct expression in their face: anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and kindness. The man with the last expression was blurred in the ink and his description was torn off.  

Lifting my head to give it some thought, I saw the director of RC walking in a hurry. What was he doing here? It is very unusual for the directors to leave their current departments. Out of curiosity I decided to follow him. Making sure he would not notice me, I walked behind him some time. He seldom looked back while walking. Taking a sharp corner he went inside a regular door that he left ajar.

I stepped close to the door and quickly glanced inside. The four directors and the agency chief were sitting in a plain table. “Chief, we can continue monster’s fund for quite some time,” said the Finance director, a slick tall man with a devious look.

“This goes beyond funding, Amon.” growled the RC director.

“This monster has always been a potential threat to the agency. Reconnaissance and control will not be able to contain a class one event.”

“Verin, the monster has provided advantages to both your and my department. How many agents have been saved by using the monster?,” said Vetis, the seductive yet serious director from my department, Monitoring.

“You are quite clear that the monster is not fully understood, right Vetis?,” questioned an old man, by elimination he was the director of Documentation.

“What are you suggesting, Eligor? What do your old books and your useless scrolls tell us about the monster,” replied Amon facing forward with his devilish eyes.

“I said enough about the monster, all that we know. I, like Verin, choose to tread carefully. We both know what price ignorance pays in these situations.”

“Chief, we will not be able to control a breakout,” pressed Verin in a subtle, yet pressing tone.

The chief stood up without a word. He looked at his subordinates deeply and thoughtful. “We will continue to use the monster no matter the cost,” said the chief with a hoarse voice and great willpower. “We will continue to provide him everything that he desires.”


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