Vampire of Feelings: Monster

“Do not feel pity for the monster, he will certainly not feel pity for you.”

I was sitting at my desk with the orchestra of phones and keystrokes in my background. The text cursor blinking before me, it was noon and I had not accomplished anything. I was unable to shake away the feeling from last night; I did not sleep or eat. Now I know why they call him the monster. Now I know why he is locked away in the basement. I could not forget the awkward trip to our destination, how the monster hummed an unknown melody so casually, so relaxed. I remember that my emotions were a wreck, I felt as if my body had no control over itself. It was definitely related to the monster, his presence made my fears avalanched against me. I was sure John felt it too, the monster was playing conscious or unconsciously with our feelings.

The swat van stopped after what seemed like two hours, more uncomfortable silence ensued. “Too quiet, boys,” the monster said with a plain and casual smile. “I prefer my walks to be chatty.”

I wondered what he meant with his “walks”. Does he thinks himself as a pet? I had no idea, but that is not what got me in that state…it was what followed.

I heard some chatter outside the van and what seemed to be gunshots. It was hell. Not only was I afraid for what was happening outside, but also who I was with. “You are shaking,” said the monster with a worried look and his thick foreign accent. “Are you cold?” Is this seriously happening? Is he not aware of what he is doing to us?, I thought. I ignored him and looked at John; he was twitching of what seemed like uncontrolled excitement. “Your friend seems to be extremely happy, you should be too,” added the monster interrupted by a loud knock on the door. A muffled voice was heard over the other side saying “It’s time”. The monster stood up with his clean suit and his ostentatious posture. “Now we dance boys,” he said opening the door and exiting the van.

Following him we identified the place to be some sort of abandoned warehouse. I could see some agents running from side to side, while others were exchanging shots with some weirdly dressed people. “They are visible, it’s time,” said one of the agents to the monster. He only smiled and walked towards the middle of the warehouse. Suddenly the fire seized from their side, they were completely unaware of what was going to happen. The monster turned around, ignoring our enemy and he looked straight at me with his reddish eyes. His smile was no longer casual, but twisted. He smiled like a hound ready to feast. “Shoot, is the ACPE! Is the monster!” yelled one of the people from a balcony. With a sudden movement the monster vanished and screams accompanied his disappearance.

“Brace yourself.” yelled one of the agents beside me. Suddenly a wave of pure fear covered me. I was going to die a horrible death. I screamed to the top of my lungs while falling into my knees. There was no way out, I looked at the spot where the monster had been, there was no immediate threat, yet I felt death was upon me. I started to cry and as I searched for a way out, I noticed all the agents were also on the floor. John was sobbing uncontrollably while moans of pain were heard coming from the others. Is he killing us? I remember asking my self. As sudden as the fear came, it went away. We were safe, we escaped…but from what? One of the agents, definitely a RC guy, stood up quickly and looked at me amazed. “Always gets me, he must have finished,” he said calmly. “You have guts kid, usually you throw up your first time,” he said to me.

Looking beside me, John was devastated, it took a while for him to stand up. Confused he looked at me and surprisingly there was still excitement in his eyes. “This is the best thing that has ever happen to me in this agency,” he said while we both looked and saw a bloodied head roll towards us. I will not forget the expression on his face…pure fear. Unable to contain myself and accompanied by John, we both puked at the sight of the head. “I forgot to mention that,” said the same agent smiling; these guys are tough. “Follow me, we have to fetch our little friend.”

Recovering from the impression we alone followed the agent inside the warehouse. We puked again upon getting inside. There was blood everywhere. It was barely possible to count how many people where there. Was it 20 or 30? Counting the body parts was useless, most of them where beyond recognition. Walking a little further we found a dark corner and heard sobbing. “There he is, go get him,” said the agent pointing at a small entrance to a dim lighted room.

“What?” I asked thinking it was a joke. “You cannot be serious.”

“The monster after feeding takes the last feeling from his victim. He is scared shitless,” said the agent thinking that would help which did not. John stepped inside quickly and I followed. I was surprised. The casual and handsome monster was reduced to a cowering animal waiting to be slaughtered. He was avoiding eye contact and shifting uselessly against the wall.

I approached slowly. “Do not kill me, do not kill me, do not kill me, please!”  he whispered looking at the floor. At that instance I felt something completely unexpected… I felt pity for him. Now I know why the agency had invested so much money on him and definitely now I know why they call him monster.


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