Vampire of Feelings’ Alexis Ortiz Rosario, a biomedical engineer narrating fantasy stories

“A research paper and a short story are the same thing, an epic tale of how someone (or something) came to be in the dire circumstances of the world.”

Alexis Ortiz Rosario, a graduated Industrial Engineer pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, currently works on electrophysiology (or neurophysiology) with the purpose of creating mathematical models to predict reaching motion from a specific area of the brain, at the Ohio State University. For Alexis Ortiz writing has always been an escape to faraway lands and conflicting characters. As an avid movie-goer he has been thrilled with how stories develop and take you places. Most importantly writing “is mostly a relief from the technical and rigid world of engineering. It does help improve my storytelling for the technical side, even if it is not as free,” he shares with us.

A person driven by learning and knowledge, Ortiz Rosario, who is from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, and also enjoys martial arts (Shotokan currently) and astronomy, says he wants to learn everything there is. “I love to have philosophical conversations on almost any topic. Usually existential are my favorite. I like to travel to the places I write about and I am a curious person, I always like to know how things work (hence the engineering).”

As a sci-fi and fantasy writer, Alexis Ortiz doesn’t enjoy stories that narrate normal people or normal events, rather those that challenge him in a creative level like the ones as Asimov’s futuristic ideas that are concepts or ideas that will blow his mind. “I get bored if the story involves everyday events; I am just not into it, there has to be some sort of magic involved, something mysterious and unexplained.”

He share more details on his writing life with us and his take on the development on creating a story.

ARRH: Why have you decided to take on writing stories?

AOR: I have an extremely active imagination and I am always creating these fascinating stories in my head (which almost likely I am the main character). So, after so much imagining I decided to express them through a medium, that being writing. I like to go places through my writing, is just the cheap way to travel and is best when I can take my audience with me.

ARRH: Tell us about that moment when inspiration hits. What inspires you?

AOR: Inspiration usually hits when a good song plays and I am in the corner of my apartment, alone. I get easily motivated with music, be it a Beethoven sonata to a heavy metal song, basically anything that resonates to my tone in that moment. I usually put my headphones, hit play and leave earth quite easily.
ARRH: What about your writing process?

AOR: Usually I start with a concept, be it as broad as they come. Usually are philosophical concepts about the origin of something or some elaborated idea that blew my mind. After I have the concept, I figure out a setting that would resonate with the idea and after that I populate it with the characters. Everything happens quite quickly and sometimes I am not even aware that I figured out a story to write (going back to the last question, I have a big imagination).

ARRH: Do you have future writing projects?

AOR: I am currently working on a short story about the interrogation process of an alien from outer space. I plan it to be a reflection (hence the title Reflections) of humanity from an outside scope. I plan to give it some twists since is something thought clichè by many.

My other big project is editing a fantasy-fiction book I finished. The book is the story of two demon hunters in a demon ruled land where the people fight to survive. The main theme of the story is how people manage to depend on saviors and heroes, and how these heroes endure the heavy demands of the people. The plan is for the story to be a three book saga, but like they say…you got to finish the first.

I have some ideas, even to start crafting a comic book, since one of the stories I have is far too visual for letters, but these two projects right now have my priority.

A note from the writer of Vampire of Feelings that continues on Mink every Tuesdays and Thursdays: “On a last note, I wanted to thank Alexandra Román for the opportunity of being hosted in this website. It has been an honor. Please enjoy my work and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.”


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