Vampire of Feelings: Meeting

“Beware of the beauty of the monster, for it is his weapon.”

John and I found ourselves in the monotonic hallway under the agency. Geared up with bullet proof vest and a shotgun, we were being escorted by an RC agent. It was noticeable that we did not belong in that attire. My awkward pacing and John’s posture betrayed our appearance. I was still unsure why the reconnaissance and control director would request us to accompany the monster during an assignment. Even more interesting was the director’s comment “per the monster’s request”. Reaching the reinforced door the RC agent unlocked it and revealed an extravagant room. The darkness from before was replaced by a warm and subtle chandelier light. Suddenly I heard a piano being played, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Entering the room, both John and I, looked for the piano in the enormous hallway. Inspecting the hallway and some rooms it was noticeable the detail and expensive taste. Some antique paintings and marble statues were perfectly placed around the room. A red carpet covered most of the polished wooden floor. Crossing the main hallway we found the dark oak piano under another chandelier. The monster, a tall man with dark hair and handsome face, played each note with a great expression in his face. He delivered each note as if a piece of his soul was being delivered. We stood looking at the monster in amazement as he finished his perfect performance. Stroking the last key he fixated his reddish eyes in the dark oak and slowly he raised his gaze to us. “Gentlemen,” he said in a thick foreign accent, “I believe you are my sitters for the evening.” I looked at John and my expression changed to embarrassment. His excitement oozed out of his eyes.

“It seems so,” I said plainly.

John looked at me bothered, as if I insulted someone of importance. “You can exit from the rear,” interrupted the RC agent while leaving. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the monster rose from his chair. I noticed he was wearing an expensive suit with a wine red tie.

“Are you to remain silent all the way?” the monster asked turning away and walking into a closet.

“My last sitters were so silent, it was sad.”

“What happened to your last sitters?” I asked curious and a bit frighten.

“They were relocated, I never saw them again,” said the monster coming out of the closet with a change of tie. “Are you afraid?”

I looked at John and knowing he was not going to answer I replied “No”.

“You do not look afraid,” said the monster piercing my eyes with his look. “But I know you are. Your friend is also afraid, even if he is excited too. Fear is such a beautiful feeling.” I took a step back, in that instant I wanted to leave the room. There was something odd about this man… What is the agency doing?

“Shall we proceed?” asked the monster walking towards the hallway we were in. Crossing by my side he gently touched my shoulder. My body began to tremble uncontrollably. What is going on? He quickly vanished from the hallway. “What the hell just happened?” I turned to John perplexed. He was still ecstatic, getting closer to him I tapped him in the shoulder. Shaking his head he looked at me confused. “What…what?” he asked. This has to be a joke. We both turned and walked to the main hallway. Upon inspection we saw a small door connecting to what seemed the inside of a swat van. The monster was sitting inside. He smiled innocently and waved signaling to get inside.


6 thoughts on “Vampire of Feelings: Meeting

  1. I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely loved every
    bit of it. I have you book marked to check out new things you post…

    1. Thank you for reading and visiting. For this month I’m taking a little break to finish writing my Spanish fantasy book, but it won’t be long now I’ll be posting new contents soon. Have a Wonderful Holiday! Thanks again

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