Vampire of Feelings: Assignment

“The monster during a feast is always cordial and welcoming right until dessert.”

Once again I found myself pretending to enjoy lunch. The whispers of unrecognizable conversations buzzed annoyingly in my ears and the clanking of metal inharmoniously backed it up.
“Are you eating that?” asked John while sitting beside me.

“Do you ever stop eating?” I responded annoyed.

“You are so moody sometimes.” he replied between mocking and offended. “Do you think they will let us get a ride with the monster?” he asked as excited as a nerdy girl with a date.

I do not understand what the agency sees in the monster. To me he is a crying twelve year old and nothing more. How can the agency fund so extensively in everything that has to do with him? I guess is a matter of time before they truly see their lost money not being returned.

“Are you coming?” asked John already standing up. Looking at my plate and not entirely motivated to finish my food I followed him.

Unlike the dark unchanging hallways of the basement, the offices were rather colorful. Painted with modern and bold shades, the agency’s acronym ACPE, Agency Counter Paranormal Events, adorned some walls. Under the acronym stood the slogan: “Mundi sine malum”, a world without evil. Getting to the main lobby we greeted the attendant, which for some particular reason is changed every two weeks. While John delivered useless flirting in between questions I observed the main lobby with the same amazement as my first time. Extremely modern and polished, the lobby was located between seemingly infinite walls covered in glass to both side. Through them you could observe every possible employee from each floor working.

“The RC director wants to meet with us,” interrupted John somewhat disappointed.

“I think one of the things they tell them when they hire them is…do not let John flirt with you,” I replied poking at  his failed attempts.

He lifted his head and let out a fake laugh. Leaving the lobby we headed  towards the Reconnaissance and Control department to meet with it’s director. Crossing the entrance to the department we were surrounded by great hustle. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Category 1, Priority 1, ASAP, were the words of the day between cubicles. With a couple of pushes and elbowing we reached to director’s office. John proceeded to knock his door, which was abruptly opened before his knuckles landed on the fake wood.

“Come in.” said a hurried voice. “And close the door.” Entering, both John and I noticed the difference in lighting. My eyes took half a second identifying the obscured environment. The silhouette of the director was visible against the almost entirely covered window. Suddenly I felt an additional person in the room, but I saw no one. “I called you because I am down by two agents,” said the director containing what seemed like a nervous breakdown. He took controlled sips of a strong smelling tea while looking at us with his beaten old eyes.

“Sir, we are monitoring. How could we help reconnaissance and control?” asked John shyly.

“We only need a babysitter,” replied the director while sipping from his silver cup.

“With all due respect, what are you talking about, sir?” I asked slightly offended.

“I need you to take care of the monster during a mission, nothing more.” I swear that upon the director’s words John let out a girly squeak and jumped out of excitement.

“Sir, if I may…” I stated only to be interrupted.

“You may not…” he replied suddenly serious. “…besides, it was per the monster’s request.”


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