Vampire of Feelings: Encounter

“That night they met the monster with a human disguise.

Walking down the hallway I was being debriefed on the agency’s secret weapon. Barely paying attention, I looked over the dull painted walls and the monotonic hallway while John’s words hovered over me. “Are you paying attention?” he said strongly while looking at me annoyed. “I am telling you he is a fucking monster.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused. He continued with his description of a supposed monster that was locked in the basement of the agency. Nine feet tall,  dark skinned and blood of all those foolish to approach him. Eyes scarlet red, said to be able to pierce right to your very soul. “You know I find these fairy tales stupid, right?” I replied to his horrid descriptions of the so-called monster. “Have you actually seen him?” I asked stopping suddenly.

“No, but that is what I have been told.” he replied a bit shy, yet excited. We walked for a while before we stopped in front of a heavy metal door. I glance over it and noticed it was reinforced. It had seven locks strategically placed  to improve the strength of the door.  Once I had processed everything, my mind brought a horrid image of a monster standing in the darkness looking at me. With a pat in the back, the image faded and John proceeded to open the door. “This is going to be fun!” he almost giggled as he was opening the locks. “I almost forgot, upstairs they told me to avoid strong feelings in front of him.”

Once finished, the door slowly opened and a strong smell permeated through the opening. John looked at me and smiled. The room was utter oblivion; a small bulb was shining down timid of the surrounding darkness. In the center of the room there was a man, a normal human being. His hair was as dark as the darkness around him. For a moment, while looking at him I felt surrounded, haunted by a presence that overwhelmed me. He shifted his head towards us, his eyes were indeed red and they did pierced our souls within mere seconds.

The man suddenly stood up and slowly walked towards us. The darkness of the room, seemingly afraid, shifted as the man approached us. Within a few feet of us the man stopped and with the piercing shriek of a twelve year old started crying. He threw himself unto my arms and cried without relief. While the apparent monster cried in my arms, I stood still looking as confused as the first time I kissed a girl. “Jimmy was supposed to go out with me, but that wretched horny Veronica took him away,” cried the man screaming from time to time. John, stood beside me equally amazed.

“Why?!” the man yelled once again. “Why did he do this to me?” While holding the greatly feared monster I overheard the steep sound of expensive shoes against the concrete. Unable to turn because of the crying man, I heard the voice of the director speak over my shoulder. “Congratulations on meeting the one of a kind monster,” said the Director with her usually serious, yet extremely seductive voice. “I think the girl we feed him was a bit too much.”

“Wait…” I tried to turn, but the man grabbed me and whispered while subbing don’t go Jimmy. “…do you actually feed people to him?” I asked confused.

“No,” replied the director abruptly and seemingly offended. “We feed him feelings. After all, he is a vampire of feelings!”


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