Mia Román: “Without my Roots there is no Story” and “Sold on His-story”

Mia Roman Hernandez is an internationally known, award-winning Nuyorican self taught artist, educator, illustrator and workshop facilitator. Born and raised in New York City, her artwork has been showcased in national and international exhibitions, art galleries, local community institutions and private collections. Mia has taught at The Children’s Art Carnival Art School in NYC, River Bank State Park and is currently teaching art at La Casa Azul Bookstore during the summer of 2012. Her passion is to express herself through her art and writing. We all have a story to tell with many ways of sharing them. Mia’s creative language is color, her medium for storytelling.

Without my Roots there is no Story….

Roots by Mia

Deeply rooted in knowing who I am I tell my story to anyone that will listen.
Spreading it like bonchinche on a hot summer day… not caring what people say because today….
I AM A FEMINIST fighting like a fierce warrior… A child rearing soldier to my own army, winning battles and making sacrifices only a woman can survive. Paving the concrete and making ends meet from day to night. I AM my biggest advocate, I am the brick house that the big bad wolf can’t blow down, no matter how hard he try and pry I continue to stand by. I am the precious crown jewels shining bright day and night. I AM faith, trust, loyalty, love. I AM my own healer, medicine woman, shaman, curandera breaking and destroying all that does not serve a purpose in my body or soul, because spirit tells me so. I AM A FEMINIST standing tall, rooted and nourished. Armed with the tools of my Abuela and Mother … The tools of ….“THE ISM”
You can’t just become a feminist… it’s something your born with. Like the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, your heart, lungs, hands and feet… it’s a part of you and who you are from seed to inception. We are not some green aliens that want to take over the world. We are not here to vote for gynecocracy and rule with an iron fist and golden *****. We come in all shapes, shades and sizes.
We use the tools that shaped our lives to support our communities, environments and rights. We are professionals, artists, leaders, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, advocates, educators, writers, thinkers, movers and shakers…. changing lives, laws and thoughts.
She is brave, strong, confident, sensitive, compassionate and passionate, she is assertive but not aggressive, independent and a straight shooter. She walks the walk and talks the talk no matter the risk, she is a lady on a mission, a woman starting a revolution
lead by women in skirts, pants
Stockings and work boots
women with flowers in their hair
dancing to the tune of their own care
decorative Camouflage jackets
Fully loaded weapons of mass destruction… I call ……
Paint, canvas and a Mission
We have a vision ……
With no split decision, that will for sure cause a collision
But with precision ….we envision …an exorcism….
to gender division
And there is no need for supervision to this… circumcision
The incision ….will reveal a plan …with no condition
So as we cut thru a new declaration
Hear the walk, hear the talk
Can you hear the march?

©Mia Román for the poem Without my Roots there is no Story. All rights reserved.

Sold on His-story

“In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
He took three ships with him, too,
And called aboard his faithful crew
Mighty, strong and brave was he
As he sailed across the open sea”

1… 2…. 3

Construction paper replicas of the three cute ships
Adorn classroom windows and libraries

The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

Issued a presidential proclamation celebrating “Columbus’ bold expedition
and pioneering achievements,
“directing that “the flag of the United States be displayed on all public buildings
on the appointed day

In honor of Christopher Columbus
Banks are closed,
schools are recessed
and the Government offices empty

Missing from this proclamation was any mention of the pursuit of gold,
religious persecution,

So can’t you see
It was he
Who hunted Indians for sport and profit
And then using Indian bodies as food for his hunting dogs

This European explorer to be remembered every October
Honoring him with this “Holiday”

Honoring him for….

Seizing 1200 Taino Indians from the island of Hispanola
Crammed them onto his ship and sent them to Spain
There they were paraded through the streets of Seville
And sold, sold as slaves

On board the slave ship hundreds die and tossed into the Atlantic Ocean
Like waste,
food for fish

Honoring him with this “Holiday” for….
tearing children from their parents
Husbands from wives
Sisters from their brothers
It’s a travesty

This is the “Holiday” they celebrate
each year
in October
on Columbus Day
this “Holiday”

The great cultural encounter initiated by Christopher Columbus

The slaughtering, enslaving and exploiting of native inhabitants

Credited for the “Founding” of North America
Although people had been there long before

Claiming everything he saw
Native Lands
Mineral Wealth
Natural Resources
And even the inhabitants became European “Property”

Conquering native populations with force and coercion
By torture,

What emerges from this “Holiday” is not only the bloodshed
that Columbus caused
But the “Heroification” of a man
that was responsible for widespread destruction

So when I see those construction paper replicas
of the three cute ships that Columbus sailed to America
The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria

I remember the lies that were sold to me by my history teachers

And like the slaves
I was sold
I was sold on a fantasy version of his-story

©Mia Román for the poem Sold on His-story. All rights reserved.

Website: http://www.artsbymia.com
email: artbymamamia@yahoo.com
onlline shop: http://www.artbymia.etsy.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artbymia

12 thoughts on “Mia Román: “Without my Roots there is no Story” and “Sold on His-story”

  1. Beatifuuuul, Mia. Thanks for sharing this powerful poetry that helps us stay strong and not to swallow the lies that make us invisible, when the truth of who we are is so beautiful.

  2. Nadya

    These stories I too heard, as a child part of the herd, I couldn’t understand I couldn’t believe,that this history was part of me. My little mind rebelled and to me the story felt…..wrong. What happened to the Indians ? My voice was strong, where are they now ? I was told to be quiet and how to behave, and celebrate the Day my forefathers came. I’m ashamed and saddened that my blood shed my blood and today I’m a mixture of rape and not love. Though I am proud of my race all the colors prevail. Boricua I am and forever will be ,but to celebrate that day is not for me…………
    …Mia you are a strong voice, que Dios te quide y la virgen te guarde.love you lots

  3. Ely Ruiz-Ramos

    Mia your writting is so passionate that tears is the least of my profound soul expression. me as a cuban will tell you that you reminded me—-also my most inocent life years of schoolng— of Bartodome “El Padre” De Las Casas, Spainiar, first known international founder of the first modern human rights in XVI. a priest who defended the Indias from the oppression of Spanish Colonialists. i find your art and your soul poems authentically astounishling.
    i concor with Nadya and company. may your poetry be blessed and help bring compassion to lost souls in this world. Congratulations on another perfectly well spoken. i love it Deep.

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  5. Bernice

    Mia, once again proving there isn’t anything she can’t do! An absolute true artist and positive role model to many. You can always count on her words and art to educate & liberate the hearts, souls and minds blessed with her grace. Thank you for sharing your spirit!

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