Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Sunday, june 3rd, 2012. Today, a hot day no rainy cloud on sight. The dust from the Sahara desert reached us and covers our Caribbean sky with a transparent shroud. The sun shinning bright welcomes those of us who woke up late desiring to feed the body and wake it up with a cup of strong Puerto Rican coffee. Inspiration woke up, the feeling not only to write words, but also to capture moments not only for the challenge but for future inspiration.


Finishing a chapter

Sunday Mass at Parroquía Espíritu Santo

Had a delicious home made pizza by my husband

Walked a few meters in the Da Vida walk-a-thon with friends and my kids, is done yearly to raise money and awareness to fight cancer.


A salad for dinner from my daughter’s harvest, buen provecho.

Inpiration still linger near, whispering the next words for the new chapter of Ascensión Divina. So I bid you farewell for now and hope, as always, you are inspired.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

    • I walked a very short distance but it was lots of fun to see so many people carrying photos of their love ones and ribbons that said I’m a survivor. Today most of them will walk for 24 hours, now that is something to get inspired with.

      Thanks for stopping bye, Elizabeth!

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