Excersising the Senses: Touch

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Cold, hot, soft, rough … are some examples of feeling. To be able to feel them is thanks to the pressure points that exist across the skin, but particularly on the hands. Lotka Ray explains that these: “are endowed with an extremely remarkable sensitivity. As a result, we can notice a pressure up to a quarter of a gram per square millimeter. The sensitivity of these organs allows the perception of many different qualities. The sense of touch works in virtually all parts of the body, but its accuracy is significantly higher there, which is precisely the ease of body movement, especially hands and fingers. “

Moreover, and interestingly, “the sense of touch allows us to appreciate the external sensations of cold, heat, pressure, texture, vibration, tingling, and hold the weight, strength exercise our muscles, etc..

From the womb the fetus is able to respond to tactile stimuli such as thumb sucking.

The sense of touch is extremely important for every human being. The sense of touch allows us to enjoy a touch, the warm rays of the sun, cool breeze, and a myriad of pleasurable sensations. And protects us from feelings that would cause us harm or pain.

The sense of touch is so sensitive that, even with eyes closed, we can identify objects, textures, temperatures, etc.. “(How does the sense of touch functions)

To stimulate the sense of touch, go slow, take time to perceive and analyze. Touch a surface, feel a change in temperature, or perhaps experience what it  the paint on your hands feels like, the earth, the dough …  write on the smooth surface of the paper that is waiting for your gentle touch. Not just write the first thing that comes to mind, narrate and let your ideas flow. After you finish reading what you wrote, do not fix anything yet. Save it apart, perhaps in the future it be can use for a story. Just remember  do not explain it in a few words, the goal is to encourage yourself to be creative and go beyond.

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