Writer’s Ink presents Jina Ortiz

“I am a writer because I enjoy writing, and creating characters; stepping into another world is a source of passion creation for me.” Jina Ortiz received her MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry at The Solstice Program at Pine Manor College and is an Adjunct Professor at Quinsigamond Community College, who also happens to be a fashion designer. I’ve met Jina many years ago at a marvelous conference, the Omega Conference. She always had a warm smile to greet you.

So I’ve asked this inspiring Latina to give us a peek on her writing life and was very generous to answer some of my questions.

As writers we struggle with our first book and is a journey that takes to a different route. “My experience writing my first poetry collection was one of new discoveries.  I began with a different project than what evolved, and through the process resulted in two distinct manuscripts. I am currently revising a middle grade novel, Campo Girl. My poetry manuscript, “Miss Universe: poems” is under publication consideration.”

“What’s literature for you, Jina?” I asked. “I don’t know if I can come up with an adequate definition, but literature to me is engaging a person through writing.”

Every writer has a writing routine that works wonders for them, hers “is not a set schedule per se, but niore based on long and short term deadlines. What happens day-to-day depends on how many deadlines I have.”

Since she is currently revising her middle grade manuscript, she shares that for revising fiction “you need different skills, in comparison to poetry.”

Her advice to other writers is “finish what you begin.  This is my primary advice for writers. Even if you do not like the end results, it is a great accomplishment to say you finished.”

To know more about Jina Ortiz, visit her social networks like Facebook, and Twitter, or visit her Writer’s Website.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Ink presents Jina Ortiz

  1. Alexandra, you are doing a great job of exposing the work of other writers. I am looking forward to reading Jina’s poetry since it is my favorite genre. I also welcome her advice to finish what we started. It made me laugh because I haven’t finish my novel yet.

    Want to add that I read your entry “La ermita” and it brought memories of my childhood celebrating the Dia de la Candelaria. I’m making a note on my calendar for next year’s celebration and hope to see you there!

    • Thanks, Lillian! We writers need to support each other. Jina gave a great advice, and I take it too. I need to finish revising my book! Hope to see you too next year at la Ermita, is a beautiful experience.

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