Everybody goes through it, is part of life and a constant companion.

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Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, writing-related question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: It’s not a matter of if but how: we all procrastinate. What do you do to avoid the blank page, circumvent the looming deadline, squirm around the writing assignment? And do you think procrastination is just a waste of time, or is there something to it?

Deborah Lee Luskin: It’s a love/hate thing. I hate procrastinating even though 1) I do it all the time, and 2) I know that “stuff” is percolating in my distracted brain even as I’m playing computer solitaire. I’m working towards getting right down to work – but sometimes, I just have to play one more game. Just one more . . .




Wendy Thomas:…

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  1. I live on a farm, so I have many options to avoid the blank page. Right now I have dried Jamaica petals to process. I started on Monday and haven’t finish yet. I started a diy project on my bedroom. Canopy is done but haven’t finish painting the bed. Yes, I’m a procastinator in all aspects of my life.
    When I received this post and was going to answer it, I decided to have a cup of coffee to bring with me to the table. If I am at the computer, I go to my favorite word game. Other times I check Fb to see what my friends and family are doing. Or I check some threads I follow on other websites.
    It is definitely not a waste of time. While I was making my cup of coffee, I was thinking about this question. The threads and people I follow have been a source of inspiration and useful information. Sometimes it is my turn to give advice and that is useful too. I might follow my own advice. Even a word game has its own benefits. I might encounter the word I need for inspiration!

    1. I procrastinate a lot too. Even on those DIY I take on. I know what you are talking about. But, like you said, in those word game you might encounter your inspiration, I find inspiration also. Anything that sparks it, I go for it and think of ways that will help my story.

      So, you probably have a dream herb garden on your farm. I love herb gardens! And probably a good spot to sit down and just write. Would you like to share a post here at Mink of your favorite spot in your home for writing? It can be inspirational for other writers or readers.

      Have a pleasant day!

  2. My procrastination al momento de escribir tiene dos vertientes, el aplazar culpable y el sin culpa. El sin culpa siempre tiene síndrome de responsabilidad, o sea, una sola cosa más que por hacer y entonces me siento a escribir. Solo que esa sola cosa más, nunca es una. La segunda vertiente es cuando invierto ese tiempo en facebook, twitter o pintandome las uñas. Cosas que considero no debo estar haciendo en ese momento.

    Hago listas para combatir el primero, le asigno tiempo a escribir con la misma importancia que el resto de las cosas. En mi agenda es un “date” el escribir. En el segundo caso he comenzado a darme permiso de procrastinar de vez en cuando, un poco de flexibilidad permite un mejor fluir de ideas.

    He descubierto que aunque la página en blanco puede ser una tortura una vez comienzan a fluir los caracteres la satisfacción es tan grande que vale la pena domesticar el “procrastination nation” y sentirse conquistadora en ese territorio.

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