Invigorating journey through the sense of taste

“Taste is probably the one sense that arouses in us all our other senses or perhaps is affected most by all of them.” If you love chocolate as much as me, you must take this journey Lilly1949 from Lilly1949’s Blog took upon and shares in her post “What can I say about the sense of taste“.

 Hot chocolate was a fashionable drink in Venic...

Lilly1949 says, “Although I really enjoy coffee’s taste and smell and I indulge in drinking it every day like a ritual: first thing in the morning while reading my e-news and the traditional Puerto Rican cup at three o’clock in the afternoon. There is another drink that I drink less, but enjoy more–chocolate! It is an indulgence, but not a ritual. And of lately, I’ve come to enjoy the concoction in a different way. I’m not talking about Nestle’s Quick mix, nor Hershey’s syrup, nor the semisweet Cortez’s chocolate bars so typical of my homeland, not even the kosher Ubett. I’m talking about the experience of picking the cacao pod, taking the nuts out, drying them, shelling them, roasting and grinding them and then, only then, can you make a cup of hot cocoa and experience the most orgasmic drink ever.

Get your cup ready, for after reading this post you will want to have a cup of hot chocolate. If you are lucky and have some Cacao Beans near, or know where to find some, you will take upon yourself to satisfy your senses. Enjoy and have an invigorating journey through the sense of taste. Go ahead and read her post “What can I say about the sense of taste“.

Visit Lilly1949’s Blog (You and I) and enjoy her Poetry!

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