Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo: “Resucita” and “Untitled”

East New York, Brooklyn, NY native Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo has been writing since childhood, but spent most of her years writing in a vacuum.  She is a current contributor for Pa’lante Latino and has recently been published in Letras II (an online literary publication at Hunter College’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies).  Sosa-Izquierdo has further shared her words at various open mic events throughout NYC (including the legendary Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe) and Long Branch, NJ.  The mother of two recently had the honor of sharing her work in the First Annual New York Poetry Festival (NYPF) representing Capicu Poetry and Cultural Showcase. 

To read more of her work, please visit:

Pa’lante Latino



El abandono cae pesado:
Con la misma fuerza que el granizo
sobre el cranio delicado
de un recién nacido
sin protección.
Las palpitaciones de corazones descuidados
multiplican con cada tragedia orquestada tras el odio –
y paran, abruptamente, por la misma razón.
Almas perdidas
requieren brújula guiadas por espíritu;
pero tras conquista
muchos hemos perdido la fe.
Para muchos, el amor propio se esta convirtiendo en fantasía lejana
acompañando por auto estima y respeto propio.
Fall to your knees only to reconnect with the center that is your essence.
Embellish the fear,
and shape shift restricting thoughts and emotions
responsible for stunting personal evolution.
Let us cease butchering our souls
and the souls of our future
with misleading rumors que nuestra condición
es por nuestro bien.
¡Arranquemos del hipnosis!
Reclamemos lo que nos pertenece,
negando que nos sigan robando nuestro valor.
Nos unimos, educadamente, creando un tsunami
de conciencias despiertas.
Nos bautizamos, nuevamente, en la riqueza
de la historia de nuestros descendientes.
Agarremos nuestra cultura por el corazón y lo aseguremos,
reawakening the resilience of our ancestors.
¡Cortemos las sogas y dejemos de ser marionetas!
Sangremos orgullo potente.
Honoremos un pacto para rechazar palabras vacías –
mentiras perfumadas en aromas floreadas –
consiente que aun las rosas mas preciosas contienen espinas.
We are not destined to become statistics.
We are rich in our contribution to world history.
We must end loathing self-medicating habits
that have and continue to aid the rape of our land and our people.
We must free and set free
by first turning in.
Jamás olvidando como caímos por lo que nos hicieron pensar,
lo que nos hicieron sentir;
como nos dejamos abandonar,
como nos dejamos morir.
Mata, cariñosamente, el silencio amargo que consume tu ser
y dedicate a sobrevivir.
Resucita Boricua
que tu dulce aliento hace falta.
Resucita Boricua
que tus sacrificios positivos no fueron, ni son, en vano.
Resucita Boricua
que en este mundo, nos necesitamos.
Resucita Boricua
porque si no, en cenizas quedamos.


Embrace me like
Elementary school crush
Pure hearts
I got your back, you’ve got mine
Like high school sweethearts
Hopelessly devoted to illusions of happily ever after.
Like rekindled pasts
Meeting half-way
Embarking on another journey
You and me: Part Deux.
Like no strings attached
Stand tall, stand strong
Individually and together
Our own masters –
Marionettes have no place here.
Cherish me
Pierce my heart
Return my voice,
Apologizing without warning.
Reach for my soul through deep eye gaze
Beyond unkept face and wild hair
Still seeing ME.
Challenge me like
Child birth lacking epidural effect
Like logic converses with irrational
Like soft deep tones massaging overactive brainwaves
Lulling tension to sleep.
Enchant me like
Surprise Mariachi birthday serenade
Unexpected private Tango lesson
Celebrating anniversary.
Bond with me
In spontaneous cross state drive.
Over wishes made to sunroof sighting,
breathtaking comet shooting star with rainbow tail.
During meteor shower well past midnight
Witnessed on a frigid park bench
Hoodies, goose downs and mist of amazement.
Excite me like
Red moons,
Romantic snowstorms,
Fourth of July fireworks on the bay before
Getting caught in the rain.
Like 10 days, 10 nights
Jamaica island mischief.
Like 8 day Spain/Italy adventure: 5 planes, 4 trains, 5 boats and countless stories later.
Love me like
Ear on a steady heartbeat,
Warm kisses strategically placed in gentle patterns
Creating unadulterated waves of euphoria.
Like rekindled pasts
Meeting half-way
Embarking on another journey
You and me: Part Deux.
Inhale my testament,
Collaborate with me in word as you do in life
Penetrating me as only you can.
Ride my syllabic rhythm to the base of intertwined hearts
“Remind me like
Bruno and the sweet voice of our son
That, in every way that matters
I am amazing, perfect and beautiful
The secret knowledge we share
That, whether in this life or the next
You would be ready to battle, love and live by my side
All over again
Te Adoro!”

©Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo “Untitled” and “Resucita”. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo: “Resucita” and “Untitled”

  1. Bernice’s work (words) takes you to unimaginable heights to then throw you on the pavement and leave you panting…grasping for air. Que mas se puede decir de una persona con un talento tan innato. We’re proud to have Bernice as part of our team at Pa’lante Latino.

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