Michael Muller: “Do we live up?” and “A Saturday memory”


Miguel Muller was born in Syracuse NY. With his Venezuelan father leaving before his first birthday, his Irish/German mother moved the family to Batavia where he grew up. He was kept away from “anything Latino” for most of his life, until high school where he took Spanish, and also traveled to Mexico 3 times. After High School he continued Spanish in college and also began discovering the Puerto Rican presences in both Buffalo and Rochester, NY, which Batavia is between. That included faithfully listening to the radio show written about in one poem. He began poetry in college focusing mostly on haiku. Since then he has also studied Spanish again, and studied poets such as Miguel Piñero, Tato Laviera, Piri Thomas, and others. He majored in Music Education at S.U.N.Y. Potsdam, as a trombone player. He currently teaches Elementary Instrumental Music for the South Lewis Central School District. He still enjoys playing on his trombone and also cooking Hispanic dishes, as can be seen on his video series “Migueltio The North Country Latino”. Having a wife and 3 children, he lives north of Utica, NY and is able to make a yearly visit to NYC.

Last summer he hosted a “Poetry Night in The Adirondacks” at a coffee house in Old Forge, that attracted 6 different readers. He participates in the Utica Poets Society night, Thursdays, at The Tramontane Cafe, in Utica, NY.

“Do We Live Up?”

Do we really live
when we say we live life
doe we open our mind
do we open our eyes
do we open our ears
or are we stuck
on ourselves
and the agenda transfixing
our own view of success?

We speak so clearly
of love
but when its time to practice
we retract our arms
we nullify our feelings
the fog rolls in
and our ideals are unclear
as we avoid others
with great doubt or fear.

We tend to self destruct
like a virus who just received a vaccine
we are isolated from the good things
separated from the good people
siphoned away from the good energy
that once flowed in us
through our veins and whole being
making our heart happy
and our attitude sympathetic
as we gave love to others.

We are stuck in a repetitive slump
that only WE can change
that only WE can make better
that only WE can re-focus
that only WE can rearrange.

We have to lift that first finger
and the remainder will follow
so we can show
to our fellow survivors
that we are NOT
and hollow.

“A Saturday Memory”

Morning bus on a Saturday
headed to the city of montuno y clave
remembering Saturdays
of a past day
that forged my heart
into the Salsa way.

Every Saturday night
from 10pm to 1am
I tuned my radio
to WBFO 88.7 fm
to the weekly three hour salsa show
from the University
at Buffalo.

Miguel Mendez
and Tito Candelario
started me dancing
started me romancing
started my Latino soul enhancing
started my feel for the rhythms advancing
started my feelings for Wendy take chancing.

Gracias Miguel
gracias Tito
gracias for helping me get to know
Tito Puente, Tony Vega, El Gran Combo
Tito Nieves, Frankie Ruiz, y Hector LaVoe!

©Michael Muller: “Do we live up?” and “A Saturday Memory”. Todos los derechos reservados.

You can follow Michael through…

Blog: Miguelito’s Banana Smothie


6 thoughts on “Michael Muller: “Do we live up?” and “A Saturday memory”

  1. Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo

    “We tend to self destruct
    like a virus who just received a vaccine
    we are isolated from the good things
    separated from the good people
    siphoned away from the good energy
    that once flowed in us”

    And, as a result, forget that good still exists. Thus is the state of this world – sad, but true…

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