¡Feliz Cumpleaños Mink! / Happy Bday Mink!

English version below the Spanish one!

Mink donde doy riendas sueltas a mi inspiración y las comparto con seres espectaculares como ustedes. Gracias por esto tres años que han compartido conmigo, los comentarios y las palabras de aliento. En especial, a aquellos que he conocido a través de este espacio cibernético y hemos creado lazos de amistad, gracias con todo mi amor y cariño.

La celebración de Mink ha servido como antesala a la tan esperada Segunda Edición de POESÝ 20/10, ¡no olviden mañana es la apertura! Y de la primera edición hoy nos acompaña Libby Juliá quien ha contestado varias de mis preguntas. La entrevista es en inglés y la podrás encontrar abajo.

Hoy continúa el sorteo de ayer de dos copias de mi libro ‘El Valle de la Inspiración‘. Para participar deja un comentario, pero si deseas más formas de ganar haz lo siguiente (puedes hacerlos todos o solo uno):

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Todos los sorteos terminarán en Agosto 16, 2011. Los ganadores serán seleccionados al azar a través de Ramdon.org y notificados por email. Los ganadores tendrán 24 horas para responder antes que otro sea escogido.

Mink where I give free rein to my inspiration and share them with spectacular beings like you. Thanks for that three years have shared with me comments and encouragement. In particular, those who have met through this cyberspace and created bonds of friendship, thank you with all my love and affection.

The celebration of Mink has served as a prelude to the long-awaited second edition of POESY 20/10, do not forget tomorrow is the opening! And the first issue with us today who have answered Julia Libby several of my questions. The interview is in English and you can find below.

Today continues the yesterday’s giveaway of the two autographs copies of my book ‘El Valle de la Inspiración‘, sorry to all my English speaking awesome followers the book is in Spanish. Still don’t forget to participate by leaving a comment, for more entry bonuses you can also do this (just remember to leave a comment saying you did all of them or one):

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All Bday giveaways will end August 16, 2011. One winner will be drawn at random using Random.org and notified via e-mail. Winner will have 24 hours to respond before a second participant is selected.

Today, I salute Libby Juliá, also from our past edition of Poesý 20/10 and you can read her poem for that event “I am“, who is our last Special Guest for the opening of the second edition of Poesý 20/10.

Write Media, LLC, Founder and CEO, Libby I. Juliá Vázquez has extensive experience in writing and editing. She currently serves as Online Editor for New Futuro, and Chief Content Officer of Being Latino Online Magazine, having previously served as Managing Editor. In this role she is responsible for daily decisions about all magazine content, working closely with 30+ writers to meet the goal of providing readers ‘intellectually entertaining’ content that is relevant to the Latino community nationwide. She also writes a weekly feature for Fox News Latino, titled “Being Latino” This Week on Facebook.


Early morning and I sit on my favorite hill feeling the softness of the breeze on my cheek
seeing its quiet strength as it sways the branches on the trees and
I am still
and I look into the distance where I see the remnants of the sun behind the clouds
that hover over the beautiful skyline of buildings so tall and
I am still
while the joggers and the walkers and their dogs go by and
I am still
and I see that this is life
this being this doing it seems so simple from where I sit as I watch while
I am still
but it’s so complex
for in between the being there is joy and there is pain
and there is laughter and there are tears
and I am overcome with both
as the breeze softly caresses my cheek while life happens around me as
I am still

Libby Juliá “Still”. All rights reserved.

Interview with Libby:

Mink’s slogan is “…from Inspiration to the Written word”. From where do you draw yours?

All of my inspiration comes from my personal every day life; por lo bueno or lo malo. I’ve been inspired enough observing things as I walk down the street to write about them, and I’ve also been inspired by something that happened in the past that won’t leave my mind. It’s a release.

Before us came others that set the stepping stones for us to take up the pen. Who are the poets that made you take the pen?

I have to be honest and say that I’ve never read a lot of poetry. My writing has always just come from a love of words. I was more of a fiction reader. Though recently I’ve fallen in love with Pablo Neruda’s work.

What theme is more prominent in your poetry?

The randomness and unpredictability of life.

Tell us about your current project

My current projects are my every day work with my company New Futuro and Being Latino Online Magazine. I’m editing and creating in both instances and helping to build two wonderful things for the Latino community and I love it. It takes up my days, but the rewards are great!

Libby also writes for..

Our Humboldt Park


Juntos Worldwide

3 thoughts on “¡Feliz Cumpleaños Mink! / Happy Bday Mink!

  1. Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo

    ” feeling the softness of the breeze on my cheek”
    “look into the distance where I see the remnants of the sun behind the clouds
    that hover over the beautiful skyline of buildings so tall”
    Serene images – love it!

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