1er Día de Celebración / 1st Day of Celebration

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English version below the Spanish in blue color!

¡Hoy es Pre-Cumpleaños! El primer día de celebración del lugar que tengo cerca de mi corazón. Aquí en Mink he derramado mi pasión por la escritura y la literatura y la he compartido con todos ustedes. He hecho buenas amistades y conocidos, y he aprendido mucho de mí misma. Durante estos tres día tendré invitados especiales de la primera edición de Poesý 20/10, que abrirán el evento en Agosto 6, así como sorteos de regalos. Puedes conocer a nuestro Invitado Especial abajo, pero primero…

Hoy es todo acerca de las cosas que son queridas para mí y he recopilado algunas que amo o me han inspirado ha escribir o que utilizo como instrumentos de escritura.

Primero, tengo una copia del libro que me hizo adentrarme en la escritura. Regalaré una copia de “Las mil y una noche“, una versión corta.

Segundo, una libreta como las que me gustan utilizar para escribir de Flame Tree Notebook.

Para ganar una copia del libro o de las libretas deja un comentario en esta página, en Español para la versión en español del libro. Opcional, para otra forma de ganar tres entradas adicionales, dejar un comentario separado diciendo que:

1- Sigues a Mink (la opción para suscribirse a Mink está en la parte superior derecha de la página)

2- Sígueme en Twitter

3- Perteneces al grupo de Mink en Facebook

Todos los sorteos terminarán en Agosto 16, 2011. Los ganadores serán seleccionados al azar a través de Ramdon.org y notificados por email. Los ganadores tendrán 24 horas para responder antes que otro sea escogido.

Today is Pre-Bday Celebration! First day of celebration of the place I cherish dear to my heart. Here in Mink I have pour my passion for writing and share it with all of you. Have made good friends and acquaintances, and learn so much of myself. During these three days I will have Special Guests from the first edition of Poesý 20/10, that will also be opening for the event on August 6, and giveaways. Todays Special Guest is just below, but first…

Today is all about cherish things and I’ve gathered a few of those things I love or have inspired me to keep writing or have served as instruments.

First, I have an English  edition, short version, of the book that set my stepping stones towards writing. I’ll give away a copy of “One thousand and one nights“.

Second, one beautiful journal like the ones I love to write in!

To win your copy or one of the journals leave a comment, in English for the English version of the book. Optional, for another way to win and three bonuses entries, leave a separate comment saying that you have:

1- Follow Mink (the Subscribe option is on the right corner of this post)

2- Follow me on Twitter

3- Have joined Mink on Facebook

All Bday giveaways will end August 16, 2011. One winner will be drawn at random using Random.org and notified via e-mail. Winner will have 24 hours to respond before a second participant is selected.

My Special Guest for today, and giving you a little taste of whats to come for Poesý 20/10, is Efraín Nieves from the first edition of this awesome poetry event.

Efrain Nieves freelance writer, blogger and poet. He is an advocate of the Latino-American experience. His writings, at palantelatino.com, combine poetry, politics, education and history with the objective to create awareness while informing the Latino and non-Latino community of our relevance and contribution to the U.S.  We strive to reach a diverse audience.


Inspiration is everywhere, still there always that something that makes us pick up the pen and write. What triggers yours?

In most cases my emotions and experiences inspire me to write. However, there are times when poems from poets such as Jose Marti, Pedro Pietri and Manuel del Cabral to name a few. I can identify with their writings because most were politically and socially motivated.

Every poet has a writing process ritual, tell us about yours.

I really don’t have a writing process. I write what comes to mind at that instant since I am always carrying with me my writing pad and plenty of pens.

How would you describe poetry as part of your life?

Poetry has always been a part of my life. Everything I see, feel and experience contains some aspect of art that I could extract and put into words.

What projects are you currently working on?

One of the projects closest to my heart at the moment is promoting and enhancing my website for Pa’lante (palante.com). I am always working on ideas to make Pa’lante Latino synonymous of a place where writers, poets and community activists could find content they can relate to.  At the same time, I continue to write and compile poems for my book 80 Miles Around The World.

Un Hombre Perdido

¿Qué buscas?
No queda aquí alma alguna,
Ni amor
Tan solo la defunción de la inocencia.
Un hombre perdido
Sus raíces esparcidas
No queda rastro de sangre
Borrado desde la antigüedad
A través de la historia
Un hombre perdido
Su existencia es ajena
Un individuo solitario
Atrapado en un tiro al blanco
Un hombre perdido
¿De dónde procedes?
Posees nombres gloriosos
Mas sin embargo los aclamas en balde
Un hombre perdido
¿Qué buscas?
No queda aquí alma alguna
Ni amor
Tan solo su soledad
Atrapado en un tiro al blanco

Efraín Nieves “Un hombre perdido”. Todos los derechos reservados.

You can catch up with Efrain on…




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13 thoughts on “1er Día de Celebración / 1st Day of Celebration

  1. Felicidades Alexandra por tus escritos y manera de colaborar con todos aquellos que comparten la pasion por la escritura y la literatura de igual modo. Sin prejuicios. Ademas de ser una excelente narradora aportas a tus historias una magia unica a traves de imagenes trazadas en el subconsciente. Pa’lante siempre.

      1. Estoy encantada con tus letras, tus historias y tus iniciativas. Eres un gran ejemplo de constancia, buen hacer e imaginación. ¡Un grandísimo saludo, Alexandra!

  2. I have always enjoyed Efrains work, Un hombre Perdido is now one of my favorites of his pieces this ending “¿Qué buscas? No queda aquí alma alguna Ni amor Tan solo su soledad Atrapado en un tiro al blanco” just amazing!! I wonder when will his project 80 miles around the world will be done? It is on my list of literary works to purchase now. 🙂

  3. Efrain has been a great friend to meet online. I enjoy both his poetry and his cultural/political work on Pa ‘Lante. I remember when he first openly shared a tagged poem, and was unsure if he could write poetry well. He certainly can!! Great job Efrain and a great feature choice Alexandra!!

  4. “No queda aqui alma alguna, ni amor tan solo la defunción de la inocencia” – speaks from the heart of some many young urban boys & men, forced to grow up too soon under unfair circumstances that define what it takes “to be a man”. Raw piece. Much respect!

  5. Thank you everyone for the support and glad to see my work has inspired your lives. I look to forward to reading your work and collaborating as we have in the past year. let’s keep moving forward, Pa’lante!

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