Exercise the Senses: Hearing Part II

“Music cleans the soul from the dust of our daily life”

Berthold Auerbach

“A painter paints his pictures on a canvas. But a musician paints his own in silence. “-Leopold Stokowski

“Music is the poetry of the air”-Richter

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”-Ludwig van Beethoven

There is no doubt, because as a common knowledge music has transcend time. It is known that music is healing and brings serenity and inspiration. Of course,  creative beings take advantage of it! We take it, because it gives us a lot. When I say a lot I talk about feelings, moments, situations, letters. If you do not understand just go the movies, all are complemented with music for it is an essential part of the plot that looks and lives in a movie. I have often noticed it complements and enriches my writing. Stimulates our senses and feelings, that is why we desire to have it and possess it.

Here are some places in the internet with music online, give it a try like the exercise last Monday and write everything that comes to you while listening to the music.

  • Taizé, to meditate (mp3 format).
  • Online Music, here of all kinds, have to choose from.


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4 thoughts on “Exercise the Senses: Hearing Part II

  1. sabrina

    I love the quotes! And I love music, of course. Last night I watched a movie and I noticed what you just pointed out here – the music was essential for the plot. Without the music, there wouldn’t have been much excitement or tension… we just would have watched the actors go along with their acting.

    • It is, Sabrina! Music tends to seduce you and that’s what they try to do in movies and works wonders. For my novel ‘El Valle de la Inspiración’ I worked most of the time listening to Arabian and Egyptian music, it inspired me specially in the scenes that needed the description of the surroundings.


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