Exersice the Senses: Hearing Part I

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“The auditory discrimination: concerns the ability to recognize, differentiate, synthesize and remember sounds.

Auditory perception involves the ability to recognize, discriminate and interpret auditory stimuli associated with previous experiences. Is susceptible to development through exercise and practice.

Our ears play a major role in stimulating the brain. Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis says that to listen, not hear, is the primary function of the ear. Hearing is a passive process, listening is an active process that requires proper use of hearing. Listening is both the ability to capture information such as the ability to filter out irrelevant information. “

Text sourced from “Waking up feelings” of the CP Working Group Special Education No. 1 Valladolid.

Our world and communities are overwhelmed by the noise or sounds contamination like you may to call. For my part, I live behind a fast food restaurant that is open around the clock, so you can imagine the noise I live with (the evils of living in rural areas). Surrounded by noise and different sounds every day, they become second nature in our lives. We know that a car is coming across the street, because we’re used to that sound. We find it easy to recognize the waves, and differentiate them from the river currents. We recognize the sound of a gunshot and differentiate it from that of a firecracker. Tremble when we hear thunder or an explosion. Breathe deeply when the gentle breeze causes the leaves of the trees dance gracefully.

We can recognize hundreds of sounds apart, but what feelings these sounds bring us? How can we make them transcend to the real world capturing them on paper? Many times we cannot, and should take a walk or a pause in our writing to reconnect with them, to listen and relate.

The quote above tells us that listening stimulate the brain, and that’s something we must do when seat down to create. As listening is the ability to capture and filter information, let’s do the same and hear the sounds around us; taking our writing instruments to capture in them the feelings that arise in us, ideas that come to mind, memories that emerge, relations with other things …

Sounds around us…

It’s good to get out into the world and practice listening, instead of taking notes on what we see or live in a situation at that time. From time to time listening and write. The sounds also bring with them hidden stories. Here I leave a list of sounds that have a home on the internet, for those days when you cannot leave the house. Enjoy them!

  • Spacesounds is interesting to note that space also has its sounds, you will be surprised to hear them.
  • Sounds of nature, accompanied by a video, make this experience audio/visual.

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