Sits girl on the Spotlight, Welcome!

Thanks for visiting Sits girls!

Was so happy when I open my email today and saw my cute photo was selected!

Here I leave you with a post link titled “The Northern Island” that talks a little bit more of Old San Juan. Hope you enjoy the post and the collage!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Mink!

17 thoughts on “Sits girl on the Spotlight, Welcome!

  1. I love your blog and the beautiful photos on it. Also, I am currently trying to learn Spanish and since your blog is written in both Spanish and English, it will be great practice for me! -Kristina

  2. Wow! Que photos mas bellas! Tambien me gusta como escribes. Yo nunca aprendi a leer o escribir el espanol en la escuela aqui en Texas, lo poco que aprendi lo aprendi en casa. Me gustaria leer tu blog a menudo para aprender y bueno tambien para disfrutar 🙂

  3. Congrats SITSTA, Hahaha I don’t understand a word of spanish, but being new to blogging… I’ve picked up loads of tips and tricks from your blog!! Wonderfully done, keep it up….

  4. I smiled hugely when I saw your name in the SITS Spotlight – then commented on the site and forgot to come over here, too! Duh! Thank you so much for helping me on the CommentLuv guest blog thing. That was a strange thing!

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