Exercise the senses: Vision Part I / Los sentidos: Visión Parte I

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As visual creatures from birth, we begin to stimulate the sense of vision. Family Visual Stimulation Education in his article: “a world through the eyes” tells us:

Through the eyes numerous stimuli and experiences enters the brain of the baby. The eyesight of a child increases rapidly. The child not only distinguishes objects from birth, but can be fixed in one determined for a very short period.

Through stimulation and repeated viewing of objects an adequate basis is obtained for his powers of concentration and attention. After two months, the child learns to place an object in space and develop hand-eye coordination.

You can also expand the field of stimulation with moving objects and color contrasts, encouraging the development of your muscles, clamping capacity and coordination.

To keep the interest of the babies the complexity of the stimuli has to be increased gradually.

To keep our interest alive, look for these stimuli. Before taking pen and paper and cover it with letters’, lets concentrate on stimulating our vision.

Below this paragraph you will find places in the internet where the sense of vision has been stimulated.  Taken through the lens of a camera the photographer sees the world through his eyes capturing it in a photo as he sees it and desires it. Yes, a picture says a thousand words. It talks to us, makes us feel. Take your time as I have taken mine to dive into a visual paradise. After a few minutes of contemplation, I take pen and paper. I invite you to accompany me and write either a poem, a short story what you see and what the picture you chose makes you feel. Let your imagination be inspired by what you see and write without fear and encouragement.

Visual Estimulation:

I think of photographers and the thought gives me the desire to take my camera and watch the world through the lens, as they do. It’s a good idea! Grab your camera and go to one of your favorite places and take pictures. Then download them to your computer and watch them, place them in a file that is unique to the visual inspiration. Choose one of those pictures you took in the day and write for ten minutes. A picture says a thousand words; make yours a few of those.

Share your experiences, leave your comments here or leave us your link so we can visit your blog and share our thoughts. We learn together and share as colleagues!

Next Monday, I’ll post the second part in English. For those who read Spanish the full version is on the site already (just click here), but still share with us your thoughts.

You are sharing!

Michael Muller shared his poem with us, it is in the comments section, and this is the photo he choose for inspiration:

7 thoughts on “Exercise the senses: Vision Part I / Los sentidos: Visión Parte I

  1. A man down
    no one knows
    no one knows how
    no one knows why
    no one knows when
    no one knows HIM

    Maybe sleeping
    maybe missing
    maybe someone
    is missing him
    and weeping.

    Who will help him
    who will wake him
    if needs a doctor
    will someone
    take him?

    We should all
    help this stranger
    making sure
    he gets to shelter
    before the storms
    begin their


    • Rhonda (Ritty),

      You are welcome, I’m so happy the picture inspired you. Can’t wait to read what you’ll write. The challenge sounds interesting, will stop by your blog to check it out. Did I mentioned I LOVE the title!

      Hope to hear from you soon! Hasta luego (‘Till next time).

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