Teaser Tuesday: A game of thrones

My teasers for this Tuesday, and I’ve been driving my husband crazy with this book for which I’ve put aside my writing. Really, just for a while, I devoured it while I was in bed taking  care of my little one who was sick. Better than watching Discovery kids!

Ok, back to this book which I loved and yes is a heroic fantasy book! No surprise there.

My teasers from the book by George R.R. Martin‘s series “A song of ice and fire: A game of thrones“:

“Only death can pay for life”

“The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see?”


9 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: A game of thrones

  1. The teaser definitely has me intrigued. I’ve only read a few books about dragons, but this sounds interesting so far.

    ~ Popin

    Here’s mine

    1. It has to do with dragons, but not at all. Is a very interesting series, and this is the first book.

  2. Si es como la serie en HBO hay que leerlo, saludos!

    1. Mejor que el show! Por culpa de hbo estoy adicta otra vez a la lectura. Saludos, Kofkla, espero estés bien.

  3. Think I responded before but I don’t see the see comment so . . . I came to a stop halfway through the first novel in this series, because of the all atrocities everyone commits.

    1. ‘Cause your comments is in yesterday’s post for the second book of the series. Yes, I agree it has lots of atrocities and it is like that on the second too. It portrays a bloody era in the book.

  4. When you said you bugged your hubby for this, I now read that and want this book. I really love the Tues Teasers so that we can share with each other.

    1. Yes, it is fun to know what other are reading and share are thoughts on them. I started reading this book because of the HBO series, which he watched with me and asked questions knowing I read the book, lol. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie!

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